We at are 100% determined to respect customers privacy. Any information/details which provided by customers during the process of orders will be kept 100% confidential & private and we will never reused/sold or never disclosed in ways that customers have not consented to. Detailed elaborate explanation about how we safeguard customers personal details is given below:

Reuse or disclosure of information to other ways:

We do not reuse, trading, rent any customers private/personal information/details collected by us during the order process at our website including our email list or membership forms.

Browser details which collected on the our website:

We check/analyze our website logs, to improve the presentation and quality of our website etc. is strictly for our internal use by our staff. Our website logs/details are not personally identifiable, and we make no attempt or try to link/share them with the individuals browsing the site at any time.

Privacy of our email address lists:

We might collect the email addresses and details of customers as to make a comprehensive email lists to keep our customer informed about new ideas/event/products/offers which are going to launch at our website We don't use, sell, rent, trade, or lease the customers email addresses of our list to any other company or individual. In addition to this, we have configured our list server software to refuse to disclose the email addresses of our subscribers to anyone but authorized theweddingcardsonline staff.

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