Customized Wedding Invites For The Sikh Weddings

The wedding affair may be centuries old but the wedding industry is changing at a fast pace in India. For each one of us, a wedding is once in a lifetime event that includes rituals, merrymaking, and fun. Pomp and status are the additional elements that have raised the bar of Indian weddings in monetary terms for the families of the bride as well as groom. Among other cultures, a Sikh wedding is relatively more colorful and fun as the warm-hearted Punjabis prefer to live life king size.

In a Sikh wedding, the actual ceremony called "Anand Karaj", is a limited people affair including only close friends and family but the after celebrations are a grand affair. According to the culture of Punjabis, marriage is a blissful act where two souls are merged into one in the presence of God. A typical Sikh wedding celebration can last for several days, including a formal engagement, preceded by a mehndi ceremony and finally ending in the actual marriage ceremony and reception. Since this is a grand affair for family and friends, it only makes sense that a Sikh wedding invitation card is designed to perfectly complement these splendid cultural practices.

There is a wide variety of Sikh wedding invitations that we offer including the gem-studded, high glowing, and unique cards which are the traditional trademark of a Sikh wedding. All the cards are crafted in a manner to make the invitees feel intimate and close to the family of the bride and groom. All the words are beaded with utmost care to seek the gracious presence of the family and friends seeking their warm blessings for the couple. Following are a few pointers that we adhere to while crafting a perfect Sikh wedding invitation:

  • Punjabis are very religious and their customs matter to them a lot, so all the Sikh wedding cards begin with religious verses from the holy book of Guru Granth Sahib to root for the blessings of almighty.
  • The inclusion of religious symbols is also seen in the Sikh wedding cards to portray the inclination of the host towards culture and tradition in the holy matrimony.
  • One of the ways to make your guests feel welcomed in the wedding ceremony is by getting the card wordings printed in your handwriting. It will add a personal touch to the invite and make your wedding invitation memorable.
  • Themed Sikh wedding cards can also be chosen to match the theme of your grand day and make the guests informed of the type of wedding functions that you will be hosting for them.
  • We also offer high-end fashion Sikh wedding cards embellished with stones, zari, filigree, tassels, etc. to add a modern touch to your wedding card invite.

Indian Wedding cards are the first official announcement to all your family, friends, and the community members about the divine union of not only a couple but two families in a sacred bond, so it is important to convey the thought with a personal touch with the help of our experts. Let us be your chariot in this fun-filled beginning of a lifetime journey.

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