Hardbound Padded Invites

Hardbound Padded Invitations For Hard To Break Weddings

Hardbound padded invites are the most popular type of cards that are used for the wedding and any other kind of Indian wedding invitations. The reason behind the same is that they look solid and give a quality feel to anyone whom you are inviting for your wedding ceremony. We, at Wedding Cards Online offer you with an opportunity to seek one from plethora of options to make the invitation special.

Out of the many options that we offer you for your grand day, hardbound thick cards are of superior quality and status. They are not new in the market of invitation cards yet are like an evergreen choice for all communities. They are a perfect combination of quality, style, and elegance to portray all the correct types of impressions that you want your guests to have about your wedding programs. They are considered to add a charismatic royal touch to your wedding. With the correct use of colors on high-quality shiny paper, they leave a lasting impression on your guests. Hardbound cards are also known as padded cards and are heavier than regular invitations. Brides and grooms who are in search of designer and unique cards have hardbound cards as their first choice. Our designers have put in their designing experience to make our hardbound cards more attractive and appealing. We cover hardbound wedding cards with a thick metallic paper sheet or shiny satin fabric. The velvet fabric can also be used as per the unique demands of our customers. The bright colors and soft feel of velvet make them an extraordinary choice of the wedding card for people who want to add glamour to their wedding.

The hard bounded wedding invites designed at The Wedding Cards Online are artistic masterpieces that can be customized according to your choices and wedding theme.  They can be personalized in various ways that are listed below:

  • Embossed flowery designs and nature patterns
  • Silver foil and gold printing
  • Laser-cut engraved metallic plates
  • Customized satin roses or other kinds of ribbon trimmings
  • Pearl embossed patterns
  • Cards matching to the sweet boxes or gift boxes to be sent along with the cards
  • Unique personalized monogram designs stating the couple’s initials
  • Classic swirls
  • Specialized printing techniques like laser cutting, digital printing, offset, embossing, foil printing, screen printing, or letterpress.
  • Various kind of special touches to match the card with the theme of the wedding

It is the need of the hour that couples are now more inclined towards hardbound cards in all sizes, colors, and themes. We offer all of this variety at affordable rates with the customizations that you are looking for in your wedding card like in terms of bright colors, logos, or your initials. Present the guests with memory by choosing our special hardbound cards rather than a simple wedding invite.

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