Tips For Choosing Wedding Dress

Tips For Choosing Wedding Dress

The dates are set, the groom is ready, Indian wedding cards are distributed and everything is on the brink of commencement. Now, it is the time to bring the dress, which you have been dreaming for decades, to life. But there is a minor glitch in the process. The design which you have set in your mind is not more than a mere design and to bring it to life is somewhat impossible as either the dress is too expensive or out of bound.

Finding the dream dress can be stressful, as you might have never tried it before. But you don’t have to worry about it as we have got you covered on how you can choose the best dress for your wedding and some do’s and don’ts for the same. 

  1. Start early

By early I don’t mean 6 A.M. in the morning, but start around 6-9 months before your wedding as if you are going to get your dress stitched, you have to wait for around 6 months to get it perfect and another month in alteration which will take the designer time.

  1. Venue and Time

The basis of the color and design is based on the time and venue of D-Day. If your wedding is on the bright daylight so you have to decide your dress to be light colored and if the wedding is at midnight, your dress may be scintillating with heavy work over it.

  1. Budget

You don’t need to stretch your budget on your wedding dress because if not on one store you can get your dress done by any different store as all the stores have their own prices and range.

  1. Research

As already discussed in the above point, you can choose different shops for their prices. Choose the best available price for your wedding dress with the best colors you can fill in.

  1. Gameplan

Make a game plan as to what are you going to do? Call some shop owners in advance. Make sure their designers are available at the time you reach their shop.

  1. Accessories

When you go to choose your wedding dress make sure you take some of the accessories along with you like a necklace or your earrings to make sure that everything matches to your wedding dress.

Do’s and Don’ts

Don’t schedule your appointments late after work, use the bright daylight.

Do make the top of your dress most fancy because that is the place which everyone sees.

Don’t pick a trendy dress instead take a dress which suits your character.

Do bring your camera while shopping for wedding dresses as you can compare at the end what all do you have to wear.

So here are the details with do’s and don’ts for your wedding dress for Indian Wedding invitations. Happy shopping to all of you.

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