Qualities to Look in Your Partner Before Saying “I DO”

Qualities to Look in Your Partner Before Saying “I DO”

A perfect marriage material” that’s what the society say for a girl they consider perfect for you for marrying. Surely she knows how to cook or is ready to adjust or start a family, but is this what you’re looking for? A beautiful robot instead of a woman you look forward to the rest of your life with. You surely have got a big check-list prepared of your ideal woman. You probably have thought the design of your Indian Wedding Cards even after meeting one. But there are certainly other traits that shouldn’t be overlooked while choosing your ideal partner.

Here are Some Traits That Make a Woman the Ideal Partner for the Wedding:

Choose An Independent Woman to be Your ‘lady”

The girls in the 21st century are becoming independent on all grounds. This quality may scare the wrong guy but the one person who really respects you will adore it. Independence is one of the many traits man love about his woman. Primarily there was a gender difference, and men were considered responsible for earning bread. But with the passage of time, this has become outdated and men and women are not judged simply for their gender roles. So before saying “I do” see whether she is independent or not before making her your “partner”.

She Should Love You But Also Respect Your Space

Most of the time relationships broke because partners are not giving each other the desired space. Love and compassion are needed but with them, an individual also seeks some space. Would you like to marry someone, who intrudes that space? She should be your partner and by being that she should act like one instead of just interfering unnecessarily. Women tend to get attached too early in comparison to men. Being in a relationship doesn’t mean you have to compromise with your individuality. Partners should love each other but that doesn’t give them the right to involve in each other’s personal space. If it happens, the relationship won’t last and soon becomes toxic. Consider this point enough while choosing her as your ideal partner.

A Forgiving Nature

One of the most essential traits a woman and a man as well possess is the forgiving nature. If a person holds grudges or digs up in the past or is reluctant to forgive the other, he or she can’t be an ideal partner. They tend to bring the agony to your life. The partner should be compassionate and should accept each other completely. We are all humans and tend to make mistakes. Choose the girl or the boy that accepts you with all your mistakes and flaws.

Common Beliefs and Values

One of the traits you should seek in your partner is common beliefs and values. This doesn’t mean the other person doesn’t have any of his or her own individual opinions but you should be on the same page before proceeding with the decision of marrying each other. We often overlook this trait. Differences can be sorted with mutual understanding but if thoughts are pole apart, aligning them is a big issue.

A golden heart who loves you with every piece of it always tops the chart but some other good traits won’t harm anyone.

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