Most Lavish Weddings in the world

Most Lavish Weddings in the world
A wedding marks a very crucial event in an individual’s life and is the most celebrated event of one’s life. It is an intimate or harmonious union of two souls. It marks as a very important event in one’s life and the life of two people completely changes post this event. It is time to materialize the dreams we had as a child. Weddings may or may not be a one-day affair but are very elaborately planned because our Indian wedding cards invite even those whom we even have never met in life. On such occasions, a lot of money is spent to make a very grand wedding since it happens once in a lifetime.

Some people spend all their savings making it a perfect day. Although a simple decent marriage is enough to express your love for each other. But some people like big fat weddings. It eventually depends on the tastes and preferences of individuals of what they would call a perfect wedding. Often celebrities or people from the royal families spend millions on wedding ceremonies as their weddings are a matter of prestige.

They have a lot of money to spend on events like these due to their economic background and career. Also, all the events are captured by the media which in turn plays a vital role in increasing their goodwill or brand value.

Weddings are either planned at a destination away from their country or where catering services and decorations are outsourced from other countries. It costs more when weddings are planned internationally. Their meals comprise of thousands of exotic dishes keeping in mind the needs of all the guests whom are invited by Indian Wedding invitations and who will be visiting. In the case of destination weddings, arrangements are made for guests to stay along with the bride, groom and their families. It is ensured that weddings turn out to be the most enjoyable experience of their lives.

On average it takes about $5000-$30000 on a decent wedding but some people spend millions on their weddings. To mention some of the most lavish weddings that ever took place in the world, these celebrities spent the most in their weddings namely Said Gutseriev and Khadja Uzhakhovs, Lady Diana and Prince Charles, Vanisha Mittal and Amit Bhatia, Kate Middleton and Prince William, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West and the list are endless.

All these celebrities believe that marriage being a once in a lifetime event should be extravagantly planned.

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