Last Minute Details Brides Often Forget

Last Minute Details Brides Often Forget

Wedding planning and arrangements are like, no matter how much time you have given to the preparations but there’s something always left. There’s so much to plan from announcing engagement to distributing wedding cards. Being a bride you have to look after several things form planning wedding theme to deciding your wedding gown. It’s quite stressing to carry this much workloads because there’s so much to do in the days leading up to your wedding vows. In this much hurry, it is sure that you’ll forget certain tasks. But, being a bride, there are some essential details you want to be sure you remember. Doing such things will keep you out of stress & hassle-free.

Marriage License

The marriage license is the prominent document because you can’t make your marriage legal unless the officiants sign off on the license. So don’t forget this important piece of document give it to a trusted person of the bridal party and make sure you’ll remember it.

Vendor Tips

While you are making final payments to the vendors don’t forget about the gratuities when you certainly concerned about it. Try not to leave it for the last minute. Instead, place all the tips in separate. Maintain the labeled envelopes and give it to the trusted person of the bridal party to hold onto your special day.

Vendor Meals

Don’t forget to feed all of the vendors including photographer, musicians, videographers, assistants, caterers and other, as it worth nothing but reflects a sense of belongingness. So be sure to give numbers to the catering manager ahead of time.

Groom’s Gift

You should praise the presence of every single invitee and gift them wedding favors to make them feel special. But in this hurry, don’t forget your spouse is important too. So write a heartfelt note with a beautiful gift for your husband too.

Back-up Shoes

You might feel uncomfortable after wearing those heels, so bring a pair of pretty sandals or flats you can slip into when your feet start to get sore.

Wedding Gifts

Give the responsibility of collecting gifts to a friend or a family member from the venue to your home. You will be too busy saying goodbye to guests and don’t find time to pay attention to them.

Read the guidelines carefully and keep in mind while planning yours.

Transportation Options

There will surely a cocktail party at your wedding reception. Hence, there will be a probability that the guests will be drinking too much. Brides should ensure to accommodate transportation for the guests who are unable to drive later on at night. There are many shuttle services offered such as Uber and the arrangements must be made.

Rain Plan

In case, you are having your wedding and reception in the garden or outdoor place then you must ensure about the planning in case of heavy rainfall. It is a saying that precaution is better than cure and you must organize and arrange everything accordingly.

Photo Wrangler

Every bride dreams to have a variety of photographs of all the right people. But, actually people are caught up chatting with guests and they just fail to recall that what they supposed to do. At such time a photo wrangler (a person who able to make out that all the family and friends are included in photo) will be needed the most.

This crucial role will support the photographer to recognize the guests that are required to be included in the photos. At such time, a shortlist prepared in advance will also prove to be beneficial for the photo wrangler.

Inner-Wear For Dress

It is really shocking that many brides just fail to remember to bring a bra. All the things from slips and stockings to underwear needed to be purchased and arranged in the proper place. Every bride should buy another piece of undergarments as per the dress in case they plan on changing into another dress for the reception.

Emergency Kit

There is always a probability that something is mistaken or go off beam on a wedding day. You need to be extra careful and organize an emergency kit that contains mints, deodorant, sewing tools, bobby pins, water bottles, aspirin, hair spray, floss, a stain remover pen, double-sided tape, bandits, etc. For any bridal emergency, a key must be arranged.

Lunch and Snacks

You must expect that the wedding day will be 12+ hours long. You must take a meal and stay hydrated all day along with hair and makeup appointments. Organize lunch and snacks available for you and the bridal party which will be with you throughout the day.

Be Prepared to Move the Timeline

At times, there may be anxiety than required due to each part of the events. In case, there is no planner than you must speak to the DJ or band and make sure that they are helping to monitor the mob. For example, if the caterers are slow on their part then such time can be utilized for speeches. Everyone must be kept in their seats to keep the event moving. You will have to keep some trustworthy person to monitor all these small things if needed. The timeline regarding the event can be shifted so that the whole event goes smoothly.

Make the Envelopes Ready

Most of the time, we plan for the gratuities for the vendors, drivers, hairstylists, makeup artists, musicians, etc. At such times, there must be some cash or cheque in the hands of the bride. Hence, brides must arrange some envelopes with cash or cheque inside it. So, incase of an emergency, you can be ready with it.

If you are near to hear the sound of wedding bells and going to be a bride in the upcoming days or months, then the above-mentioned tips are worth reading for you. You must take care of all these things to make your wedding event a grand success in distributing sweets and Indian wedding cards to reception dinner and cocktail party.

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