Indian Wedding Invites Trends to Behold

Indian Wedding Invites Trends to Behold

The wedding invitations make up for the first impressions each guest will have for your wedding. The Indian wedding cards sets the whole tone for an entire event. It should consist of your personal flair that every guest can relate to as well. This is “once in a lifetime event” to get married to the person you just can’t wait to grow old with, so why settle for something average?

Here are the few trends you can behold or can even execute in your Indian Wedding Cards:

Something Bold and Classic From the New Additional Color Palates:

Are you looking for something atypical? Something that is not a stereotype, something that is not white or like ecru invitations…breaking the stereotypes, do you want to opt for bold colors too, something that looks elegantly fierce? Indian wedding cards have evolved with the passage of time. Colors like navy blue, deep plum or even black are stealing the spotlight in Indian wedding invites. These tones complement well the winter weddings. Ascend the whole look of Indian wedding invites with these bold hues, the ink, and the metallic facets.

Bring the Flair of Trending, with the Old-School Calligraphy:

Talking about something elegantly atypical, forget motifs and patterns as they are quite conventional. Embellish your wedding invites with some enchanting penmanship. You can even ornate it with beautiful calligraphy influenced designs. You can even hire calligraphers to design your Indian wedding cards. The “old-school” is the new “cool”. So the designs of the former era and the calligraphy of the former period are the new favorites in designing the “Indian Wedding Cards”.

Not the Conventional but Some Unique Monograms for the Indian Wedding Invites and Napkins at the Wedding:

Monograms are also becoming the alluring part of the Indian wedding cards. No, we are not talking about the traditional “letter locking” monogram. Monogram that can consist of elements that are more meaningful and connotes the wedding in a more defined way can be a part of Indian wedding cards. Like the monogram portraying the “mingling of two cities” the” two different culture” or anything that can define this wedding.

Make it all Glittery with Beautiful Golden Foil

Gold foil is one of the trends that can outshine any new trend. This trend is evolving very rapidly, from the elementary texts of the invitation to minute escort details; it is becoming the unique part of Indian wedding invites. You don’t have to fill your wedding invite with heavily patterned gold designs, just the minute touch of it can work wonders. You can use gold foil for highlighting the names or the wedding date. Silver foil is another close-up thing to ornate your Indian wedding invite. It looks good and is considered religiously auspicious too. You can even mix up the two and the blend will seriously steal any “limelight”.

These trends will surely make your Indian wedding invite the “talk of the town”. Add this little bliss and let your wedding invites be as memorable as your wedding be.

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