Get Attractive Wedding cards For Your Day

Get Attractive Wedding cards For Your Day

Weddings are the most auspicious occasions in India. In a country with diverse cultures and multiple cultures and traditions, it is evident that marriages are different types. Starting from the essential part of the wedding, i.e., the invitation that is the most awaited. Most wedding invitations sent to far off relatives are unique and have every detail of the ceremony mentioned.

Indian Wedding Invitations are the most talked about topic when talking about big fat Indian weddings. The invitation card is not just a piece of paper but an entire bundle of creation with expensive papers, glitters, holy signs, and symbols that depict the auspicious occasion along with the ceremony. Weddings are not just ceremonies but also the gathering and bonding of two families and the bride and groom.

Transformation in Indian Wedding cards:

Previously wedding cards were relatively straightforward and had simple to the point details mentioned on them. One can assume that the reasons could have been the simplicity of the people or even the budget maintained. The most significant difference now is the modernization and less conservativeness of typical Indian families.

The Internet is also a big reason why people have more ideas and are more acceptable to change and new ways of looking at things. Perspectives have changed and have made brides look for unique ways in which they can remember their most memorable day and make others a part of it too.

A destination wedding is the most talked-about trend. Going off to faraway places and organizing a wedding may sound a big deal, but with a little help from companies, it is affordable and swift. A big fat Indian wedding means a fancy card. The card need not be a hardened paper. There are multiple designs and ways, one of which is scroll wedding cards that automatically bring a royal theme to your wedding.

If you are wondering where do you get them from, then look up the best online wedding card sites that will make sure you have your desired card customized and delivered to you. Not just the latest designs but also the traditional ones.

Multiple religions and their wedding cards:

Hindu wedding cards: India is a country that has a mixture of religions, but the one khatibs most dominant is Hinduism. A typical Hindu marriage ceremony has multiple rituals and ceremonies. The first step starts with the blessing the couple in front of the deity seeks blessings for the occasion.

The invitation card depicts all that is mandatory and also the symbols that showcase a marriage. Some of the signs include:

  1. A butterfly: A butterfly portrays a happy beginning and also prosperity.
  2. Lord Ganesh: Another holy symbol is the Hindu God Ganesh whose character is considered sacred and also crucial in weddings.
  3. Colours: A lot of colours are showcased in any Hindu wedding card but most importantly the colours orange, red, yellow that are quite bright and make it prominent enough for the people to understand that auspiciousness of the occasion.

The decorativeness showcased in various designs or shapes of the invitation cards portray how much grand the ceremony is.

Muslim Wedding cards:

Contrary to Hindu cards, Islamic cards are entirely different and have a lot of Islamic texts showcased. The cards are commonly known as Shaadi cards that are elegant yet rich in the form of wedding cards. Simplicity, elegance and also the grandeur is what Islamic cards portray. One may also see a lot of holy texts written reading about the auspicious occasion and blessing the couple.

Islamic symbols include:

The star and crescent that depict the holiness and seek blessing from God.

Moon symbols: The symbol of Islam as one knows is the moon and the crescent that depicts holy faith in God. One can find it imprinted on the wedding cards that mark the beginning of a journey.

786 is also known as basmala that is considered very lucky in Islam and also believed that Allah created the world in 786 days. 786 marks the beginning of an auspicious ceremony in the right way or might as well say lucky way.

When it comes to talking about India, no religion starts the beginning of a new journey of two people bluntly. If a family is okay to do and has all the necessary arrangements to showcase their culture, then it is evident that all the people invited to experience the grandeur. 


Therefore, be it a simple wedding ceremony with minimal embellishments in the setting, but the invitation card is a must that marks the official arrival of the guests. Many of the relatives may immensely be waiting for the arrival of the wedding card more than knowing who the bride is. It is that much of a trend, and now with thing becoming more online and advanced, it is easy to look for the best card maker near you.

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