7 Times When Your Fiance Gives You Adorably Heart Racing Moments

7 Times When Your Fiance Gives You Adorably Heart Racing Moments

The period between the engagement and wedding is the period your heart totally drools over your fiance and soon to be husband. There are so many events when your heart flatters over him. Be it over his classic choice while choosing your Indian wedding card or over his exceptional cooking skills. Your heart races every single time when he does a little extra to make you fall in love with him all over again.

When He Murmurs Your Name Together For the First Time

Be it to your wedding planner or to the designer of your Indian Wedding card, your heart races every single time when he says your name together. He has got all the power to make your heart race by simply murmuring your names together. Do you feel the same?

When He Holds Your Hand for the First Time

Remember when he holds your hand for the first time in that crowded place so that you won’t get hurt. Suddenly everything else feels like pushed around and all you see is him. Your heart races with the thought of how tightly he holds your hand so that you won’t get hurt by anyone or anything.

A Random Message by Him in The Day Keeps all Your Stress Away

He needs not to say the “I love you” or “I miss you”, a simple text by him makes your heart race every single time. Just knowing that he is thinking about you amidst his busy schedule is enough to make you feel weak on your knees.

When He Gets to Know Exactly How You Feel Without You Even Uttering a Word

Be it on a bad day or the day when you’re on cloud nine, how he always predicts what’s on your mind. And god, he is always right and all you are left with is racing heart thinking about your telepathic connection. It’s like a thought pops up in your mind and the same thought popped up in his mind to.

Sitting Amongst All Your Friends When He Sneakily Winks at You

When you know that he is trying to look at you when all your friends are getting to know him, the feeling is enough to make you feel a lot. While he is nothing less than a VIP for them, his eyes are all set to yours. On top of it when he sneakily winks at you among all the friends, it set your heart racing.

When Your Family Pampers Him More Than You

Every time you feel nothing less than amazing when your family pampers him and he treats them nothing less. When he treats your family like his own, like teasing your little brother or enjoying your childhood stories with your grandparents or helping your mom, he is the family now.

When You Beat Him at His Favorite Video Game

Doesn’t he look adorable being that spoilt sport when you beat him at his favorite video game? And let’s not even talk about how cute he looks with all that confusion knowing you seriously have got some moves to beat him in his own game.

He doesn’t even have to do anything, his stare is enough to make you fall in love with him again and to make your heart race.

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