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Tips For Adding A Modern Touch To Your Traditional Wedding

A wedding is not just a celebration, it’s more than that. A wedding is the beginning of a new direction in your life. Couples are looking for modern ways to bring on this special day. Your beautiful day should be extremely memorable. That does not mean, you can’t give a modern touch to your day if you’re doing a traditional wedding. Today, we’re going to share some ways that can add a modern touch to your traditional wedding. Scroll down and get the ways to add a modern touch.

A heart-touching speech

Sweet heart-touching words can be a great treat to your heart. You have seen in movies, the father of the bride gives an emotional and sweet speech about the couple. This trend makes a lovely atmosphere in a wedding venue and makes a couple of cries, so make sure you have a tissue box.

Walking down the aisle

One of the main modern trends of a wedding ceremony when the groom walks down the aisle. The groom should have his song playing when he walks down the aisle. The bride walks down the aisle is always one of the highlights of the wedding ceremony. This walk down the aisle is a great way to add a modern touch to your traditional wedding.

Bouquet toss

It is a tradition where single ladies line up behind the bride to catch the bridal bouquet, it is teased about being the next one to get married. The bouquet toss is a great time for a bride to shine amongst her friends and lady relatives. Pick a song when it comes time for this funny and special moment. You can introduce a modern tone of bouquet toss to your traditional wedding and it is an important affair.

Rehearsal dinner

The rehearsal dinner is a great opportunity for both families to spend time together and get to know each other better before the official wedding ceremony. Basically, it is a pre-wedding ceremony held before the night of the ceremony. This will also be the best opportunity for you and you’re coming soon partner to spend some time before the ceremony.

Adorable signboard

In addition to making some stunning wedding decoration signboards are an excellent means that speaks of your love for one another. These signboards will look beautiful and mesmerizing that will steal all the attention. These signboards are perfect for giving your traditional wedding a unique modern touch.

Touching each other’s feet

In some traditions, the bride has to touch the groom’s feet after the wedding ceremony to show respect and seek his blessings. This tradition needs to be updated. This is a modern time of equality then why not grooms touch the feet of the bride? Let’s have a change, both the bride and groom should touch each other’s feet to show respect to each other.

Dance of bride with baratis

The young brides of today welcoming their Barat with dancing with them. Don’t shy away and shake a leg with baratis. Let’s dance that’s your wedding, not your guest so enjoy your moment.

Make memories for a lifetime and enjoy your special day. And don’t forget to share your experience with a traditional wedding with a modern tadka.

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