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Role of Wedding cards in an Indian Wedding

Matches are made in heaven and weddings are celebrated on earth. A wedding day is a finest and big day in the life of every single person. Bridegroom, bride and both their families are very keen to perform all the rituals properly and make the event as much delightful as possible.

Before the beginning of marriage, lots of works need to be accomplished. Such as shopping, meeting of bride and groom before marriage, booking the marriage hall and last but not the least inviting relatives and friends for the occasion. For inviting the guests, different types of wedding cards are made. There are more than thousands of varieties of wedding cards printed. Today you can buy wedding cards online as well as offline. Hindu wedding cards usually have Picture of Lord Ganesha which signifies a blissful start of the occasion. Some Indian wedding cards also have mantras engraved on it. People select the best wedding cards to show uniqueness and beauty. The wedding invitation is the card which gives the details of the time, venue, and date of the wedding occasion.

Wedding Cards
Wedding Cards

Even the map location of the wedding place is inscribed on the wedding card many of the times. Some guests find the wedding destination after they get the wedding invitation cards. Hence, Indian wedding card plays a crucial role during the time of weddings.

Different wedding cards are designed with different colors and patterns. Like Muslim wedding cards usually are in green, gold or cream color. The wedding cards in Hindu caste system are first given in the temple of Lord Ganesha. This spiritual ritual signifies that Lord Ganesha will attend the wedding and the event will be successful with the blessing of Lord Ganesha. The second wedding card is given to the kul devta (the lord of the community) and gains the same blessings are asked from the lord.

Many wedding cards have image of god or pattern of symbol of god. There are many wedding cards which are engraved with gold and silver prints. Sometimes, there are gemstones attached to the pattern in wedding card. Nowadays, the process of giving the gifts along with the wedding card as also became trendy. According to the cost of invitation card, the quality and printing material depends on. In many different forms, the wedding boxes are also available in which the wedding cards are kept inside and given.
Today people spend lots of money on wedding cards and it has become a costly affair. As per the budget and choice, people usually purchase wedding cards. Today wedding cards are coming in many variations. There are many blueprints and compositions inscribed on the wedding cards. Wedding cards of different size, weight, and patterns are available in the market. Many people visit the market to purchase the wedding cards. Some but the wedding cards through online mode. People send the wedding cards to far away relatives through post or courier also.

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