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Ideas To Make Your Wedding Day Unique And Creative

wedding day unique and creative

A wedding day is one of the most beautiful and precious moments in one’s life. It’s a sign of love and devotion.wedding decoration, presence of guests, rituals and ceremony theme means a lot for an Indian wedding. Girls have many dreams about her wedding ceremony, she wants everything to be beautiful and perfect from a wedding invitation to her Bidai.

Wedding invitations play a very important role in weddings. It is a big day for both the bride and groom. Everyone wants to make his\her wedding unique and creative. So we gathered some pack of ideas, which helps you in deciding what to do for making your wedding unique and creative.

Give the welcome bags to your lovings

Make your guests feel special and VIPs with welcoming bags having some gifts. You can add water bottles and snacks for your guests. Make them feel their importance in your life with some pretty gifts. First, try to choose a decorated bag that looks royal. That’s going to make your day more creative.

Add a memorable guest book

The guest book at the wedding gives a different royal and creative look. Now these days, people choose it mostly because of its results that look like stars in the wedding ceremony. Choose a beautiful and lovely wordings for a guest book. mainly, the guest book has loving messages and pictures of the couple on it. This makes difficult for a decorator to make a good guest list.

A video confessional booth

Fresh twist trend on a beautiful picture, rent a video booth where guests can record a lovely message and their blessings for the bride and the groom. Say to your photographer that edits the videos and saves the most loving one. You both can also leave a message for your family and friends. Make your wedding theme different from others, do not choose a similar one.

Can go with unique wedding dress

On your big day, all eyes will be on you so choose something which is not common. You can go with a western outfit with a traditional theme, which will look unique and creative style. Wearing different makes you differ from others.

Decorate with beautiful lighting

The right lighting makes your evening more beautiful, its a key reception taking place in the outdoor and evening. The light decoration is very creative for ceremonies, it gives a beautiful look to the venue. Most people go with this one option because it looks traditional and classic.

A perfect backdrop for pictures

Generally, people use this idea because of the selfie trend. It is a decorated place where people go for taking pictures. It is also known as the selfie point. A movie backdrop with a fun prop can be a perfect way for guests to capture pictures, bridal party and most fun-loving moments of the special day. The bride and groom can also together pose with fun props.

These are some ideas that help couples to choose some unique themes for their memorable day. Now the decision is yours, go with your choice only.

Different Types Of Message For Wedding Invitation Cards

Wedding Invitation Cards

A wedding is the most beautiful moment of everyone’s life which is why wedding invitation cards are so important. Invitations are bestowed through cards or through text messages. The wedding invitations include the date, time and venue of the wedding. Your wedding invitation serves as the formal announcement of the start of your new lives together and offers a glimpse of your upcoming nuptials. Getting the right wording for your invitation can be tricky, there is much debate over traditional etiquettes that dictate the order names are presented or whether you list your parent’s names and it can all get a little confusing.

Following are some of the wedding messages for invitations send in different ways:

Words by bride & groom

These days, couples prefer to bestow specially customized cards with their unique message. Here is a sample message used by couples very often.

“Your support and suggestions have helped us a lot to plan for a wonderful wedding ceremony. Now it’s finally time for you to make us feel blessed with your presence. Your presence at my wedding means a lot to all of us. Please let us have the honor to host you on this beautiful celebration of love and loyalty!”

Words to use while inviting your colleagues

Colleagues are not only working partners but become highly significant in life. You spend most of your time in the office with them. You can invite your colleagues in a casual or formal manner by sending them beautiful wedding invitation cards or properly formatted text messages.

“We are very delighted to announce the wedding of our beloved son on the 5th of December. We are expecting the pleasure of your company as he exchanges wedding vows”

“We expect your blessing more than anything on our wedding day. Let us all enjoy the holy occasion with your sweet presence”

Friends are an important part of our life so invite them with unique words

A wedding is precious and beautiful day for you and it is incomplete without your friends. Friends are close and personal people of a person’s life. Fun is incomplete without friends and of course, you can’t miss them on your day. So here are some messages that can help you with inviting your friends.

“You have always been a big part of our lives. Let us share the big day as we unite our souls in a bond of love and devotion. You are cordially invited!

“Our wedding day would be missing something if our amazing friends would not make it to the ceremony. So, we are sincerely asking you to come and be with us on the most anticipated day of our life”

Love wordings for relatives

Some people are close to us for them you need some special and loving words. Relatives are those people, who need some extra and special attention. So we mention some words for you that will help you while inviting your relatives.

“The enjoy this wedding is incomplete without your presence in it. We expect you to bless us on a special day”

“We invite you to be with us as we celebrate the love and devotion of our daughter in the wedding ceremony. Your presence is important to us!”

So these are some common types of wordings and messages used by the couple around the world.

Popular Types Of Wedding Invitation Paper

Wedding Invitation

Whether you’re meeting an invitation designer or browsing invitation, you might find yourself overwhelmed by all the choices available for you for wedding invitations paper, and might you not know how different designs and qualities they have! Then there’s the printing techniques-embossed, foil-pressed and letterpressed. There many choices surrounding the card that will make your wedding style unique.

Here are some details of invitation papers which will help you in deciding, what combination of wedding invitation is right for you, is in your budget and according to your style. We’ve outlined the top invitation paper styles and printing techniques and our favorite of each below.


For nature-loving couple or rustic style wedding, this paper includes repurposed materials, which is the choice for you. An eco-friendly wedding invitation is just perfect for all nature lovers. Wedding invitations card paper comes in a variety of shapes, styles, and sizes. There are many choices for you.


It is made from animal skin, cotton, and wood pulp blend today. Using this semi-transparent paper will give your wedding invitation a beautifully light and airy look. It’s budget-friendly and easy to print on with most home printers. Pair vellum with additional paper layer with a few other pretty little details for wedding invitations that are effortlessly romantic.

Cotton fiber

This paper is made from cotton, cotton linters or used clothes are used to make it. Cotton fibers are soft and strong, they fully absorb and accept impressions made during the printing process, ensuring that your stationery makes a lasting impression .you may prefer this type of wedding invitation because of its strength and durability.cotton fiber absorbs its ink better so colored ink looks a little richer than another one.


If you are looking for a heavy cardstock-we’re talking thick, sturdy paper-go for a board wedding invitation. Get a deep impression with heavy card stock, which will complement your invitation design brilliantly. Made with a cotton texture with three layers of paper. It looks very thick and traditional.


This is that type of paper for wedding invitations that has a little sparkle. Pearlescent paper has a little bit of shimmer finish on the top which makes it unique and pretty. If you’re using photographs on your invitation, it gives a beautiful glow to your image. It is available in a variety of beautiful shades of colors and gsm range.


This budget-friendly technique gives you a slightly raised text effect in your wedding invitation, without the high-price of embossing and engraving. Thermography invitations also offer a variety of paper colors and styles for a fun feel or for a suave soiree. Full-color thermography is loaded with texture, which is an excellent way to enhance design and the wording. To give a creative look ink is mixed with a special powder and applied with heat for a painted on paper.


The most inexpensively printing style is digital invitation cards. Using a high-quality printer, printers can create a beautiful invitation in less time. If you’re planning a grand wedding and want to make it unique then go for the option of sending the personalized digital invitation. There are a wide number of colorful wedding invitations that make your wedding unique.

Interesting Pre-Wedding Themes

wedding theme

Making weddings more beautiful and memorable, with traditional ceremonies, theme functions, and wedding invitations. Pre-wedding shot ideas have become must-have activity, making a wedding feel incomplete without having one. New pre-wedding photoshoot ideas are what we all would love to know this wedding season. Those time era of awkward poses and irritating photographers telling us how to stand are going. Love is truly magical, so it should be portrayed in a lovable and magical manner. So we have listed some of the most amazing pre-wedding shot ideas just for you. In case you also need help in Choosing the right pre-wedding photographer for your choice\ style of pre-wedding shoot, consider exploring this comprehensive list.

Exchange your invitations

Wedding invitations are pretty important for the ceremony. So, why not we use it in pre-wedding shoot? Capture the moment when you are exchanging your ceremony invitation cards and make it a unique and memorable moment.

Go Filmy

Sanu Ek pal chain, Kuch Kuch Hota hai, tum nhi samjhoge, we truly understand how filmy and dramatic you are in real life. So, if you love classic romantic films and want to re-live those iconic moments with your love then don’t shy away to go for this theme of pre-wedding photography. Be her Raj and she’ll be your Simran in your dream film world. Where you pose like never before and make your pre-wedding memorable.

Under the stars

wedding is a beautiful start to your bright journey, then why not start it with a sky full of stars and you both under it?

This shoot idea is to allow couples to feel their vibe under stars where it’s just you and your love, and A wof course, your photographers to capture you both getting romantic under the stars. Choose this style for a magical photo shoot to remember for ages!

Bike and love ride

If you are a bike rider then never miss this opportunity of having a bike ride on your pre-wedding photo shoot. When you know that you have a skilled photographer, why not make the most of your pre-wedding shoot.

Perfect proposal

All couples have gone through this moment. Sometimes a proposal is sweet simple ‘I love you’ and sometimes pompous ceremony. However, why not get the proposal covered in your pre-wedding shoot? And for sure you will love it.

Sweet surprises

We love getting surprises and when a surprise is in your list of pre-wedding ideas, you are sorted. Get that captured!!

Or surprise her with flowers…that’s a classic pre-wedding shoot idea.

Water lovers

If you and your partner love swimming and are searching for very different pre-wedding shoot ideas, then this theme is just for you. Posing underwater wearing different costumes and enjoying the water dance is just so adorable. Do try out this pre-wedding shoot idea and cherish the fun, love, and romance you feel when you are in the water with him!

In house pre-wedding shoot

Not to forget this comfy and real-me pre-wedding shoot idea because this is surely the cutest and the most romantic one in the list. Whether you are a Netflix couple, who love enjoying web series together or just a couple who love lazy Sundays, this pre-wedding shoot is everyone’s secret desire.

so these are some recommendations for your pre-wedding. do tell us in the comments, which one you like the most?

Tips To Make Your Wedding Invite More Creative And Unique


Considerably how many weddings take place every year in India and wedding invitation ideas are very less compared to it. If you are a millennial groom or bride and you are searching for a unique invitation and of course you wish to have your card looks different from other ordinary cards. Thanks to talented invitation designers, you have a sizable number of creative opinions to pick up from!

We look at over many invitation cards and picked the most creative and unique wedding invitations designs that don’t compromise on the beauty of inviting.      

1.Gorgeous photos for a unique wedding invitation

Be honest, photos in wedding invitations often end up looking “overly personalized”. But if you have some pictures that look creative, go ahead and make your unique wedding invite. If you see below then you got what we are talking about.

2. Text is the design element

Make the text the main design element! The right font and background are important to get the right and we loved the formal invite for the nice balanced it created to pull this off. You can also give some messages in your words to receivers.

3. Location as a theme

You can also recreate your wedding destination on your card.

Like how this designer uses the Jaipur’s famous handprint on the wedding invitation. This makes the invitations more creative, make your wedding your invitation theme.

4. Flower shaded invite

This gorgeous beauty was created in the shape of a flower and was made even more beautiful with pastel shades and hot foiling and embossing.

They were designed in a similar octagonal shape, like looks something different that we want. It looks attractive and royal.

5. Passport save-the-dates

If you’re hosting a destination wedding, it’s nice to give guests the 411 local restaurants, attractions, and recommended activities for their stay. It will give a different look to your invite. To round out the theme, label it their personal “wedding passport”.

6. Non-paper

Trade out paper and surprise your guest with an invitation to other materials like wood, cloth, glass, Etc. let’s be nature lovers say no to the papers and use something new as a material that does not harm nature.

7. Creative Address

Make the envelope stand out with a unique way of addressing them. Another fun idea; if you’re hosting a few addressing events, it’s helpful to put them all on the same RSVP card- along with a “how excited are you? Fill-in thermometer.

8. Love timeline

Walk your guests through your love story with a fun timeline of events (think; first meeting, first gift, first ceremony and proposal story) let your guests know about your moments, if you have something special then go ahead.

Make your card more creative and unique with some new ideas after all wedding invitation is the first impression on guests and we know that the first impression is the last.

Why Indian Wedding Cards are so Popular In Overseas?


Now that you’re thinking of tying the knot, you have to consider a lot of things about the wedding especially the wedding invite. The card is the best portrayal of the wedding theme and its mood. If you’re planning for something extravagant, go for the bold-hued Indian wedding cards. If you’re planning something simple and elegant, you can choose pastel colored Indian wedding invites. Be it the theme that is as eloquent as a royal wedding or something that is as breezy as the beach wedding, Indian wedding cards have got a lot of varieties to choose from.

Lets Get To Know More

Indian Wedding Cards

A Whole Deck of Variety to Choose From:

One of the biggest reason Indian wedding cards are so popular is the whole extensive designs from which they come. You can browse through several options on the online portals and choose your favorite pick. Indian wedding cards constitute the artistry of modern world and flair of traditions.

So whichever theme you are planning, you can choose Indian wedding card accordingly. Best of the lots are the theme wedding cards which are quite popular. A wedding card is the communicator of the biggest event of your life, settle for nothing less than perfection.

Includes Some Religious Elements too Apart From Nonpareil Designs

India is the country of rich cultural heritage. Indian wedding cards constitute of different religious elements that are considered pious. You’re about to embark on a journey of love and togetherness with your partner sharing anything and everything. These religious elements are believed to protect the ceremony and the couple for the rest of the lives.

Expensive and Elegant Material

What distinguishes Indian Wedding Cards from others are the materials used for the cards. Indian wedding cards developer and designer are well versed with every traditional and modern design. Moreover, the card material is handcrafted for most of the times which can be embellished with motifs and modern textures too. So if you are looking for something as striking as you two, choose Indian Wedding cards as your “D-Day” invite.

A total steal” When it Comes to Cost

What makes Indian wedding cards quite popular overseas is the cost associated with them. You can easily buy the best themed designed wedding cards at much-budgeted prices. Indian wedding cards are quite economical. The materials with which they are built constitute of finest silk, paper or velvet and yet you can buy them at much lower prices.

Be it a Hindu wedding card or a Muslim wedding invite, be it a Christian wedding invite or a Sikh wedding card, Indian wedding cards have got all varieties. The country boasts the biggest center of traditions and rituals and if you are seeking something more than design, Indian wedding cards are a great choice. Here weddings are not the merely ceremonial celebration; people here celebrate love and togetherness, the very spirit of a new journey. So if you’re not just restraining yourself with a formal invite and looking for a more customized flair, choose Indian Wedding Cards.

Why E- Wedding Invitation Cards are A Smart Choice?

Indian Wedding Cards

Many couples are turning to e-wedding invitation cards, not only because they are easily accessible by the guest but it is one smart choice. In the era of absolute digitization, Indian weddings are no left behind. But what makes it so popular among the couples? What makes it the preferred and the smart choice of couples?

You get all your answers with these listed reasons that make E- wedding invitation cards one smart choice:

Cost Saving

One of the many reasons that make e-invitation a smart choice is that it can help you save money. With the paper wedding invitation, you have to spend thousands on unique design, expensive material, printing, and posting. There is no such scenario with e-wedding invitation cards. Using them is one smart choice to save all those thousands of bucks which can be utilized for so many other things.

Hardbound Cards

No Room for Delivery Mistakes

Are you sure you remember the exact address of your maternal aunt? With paper invitations, there are strong chances of delivery mistakes. Sometimes the delivery is so delayed that they probably get your invite after the ceremony. With e-wedding invitation cards, you don’t have to stress out over who’s received your invitation and who didn’t. Moreover, if you send the invite on the wrong email address, you are notified immediately which also makes e-invites one smart choice.

Immediate Responses Too

Well not immediate but faster to be more precised, yes you can easily get faster responses on e-invites. If you are planning a destination wedding and are looking for booking the hotel, you need to know who all are coming. With paper invites, you have to wait for long for a response. With e-wedding invitation cards, all the recipients who are coming can RSVP within a few minutes. That’s super fast and convenient too.

One Hassle-Free Solution

Indian weddings are nothing less than an extravagant occasion and the guest list seems to be never-ending. If you too are a bit clumsy when it comes to keeping things organized, e- wedding invites make one of your tasks easier. It helps you to stay organized, by enabling you to store all the information of the guest at one place. An organized guest list with all the necessary information saves you from a lot of hassle like in a literal manner.

Make the Optimum Use of Digitization

We live in the digital era, so why not make the optimum use of it. Everybody is present in this digital space on one or several other platforms. With e-wedding invitation cards, you can reach all your family and friends digitally. If you’re concerned about the older relatives, you can reach out for someone who can help them with this. And to be honest, the older relatives are more engaged on these platforms, so overlooking the option of e-invites in the prevailing era is not a smart choice.

E-Wedding Invitation Cards are Trending

Not only for all these reasons, but e-invites are also trending too. Not only they are environmentally friendly and save a lot of paper, but they look just as nice as paper invitations. They don’t have to be a boring formal invitation. You can incorporate designs by yourself and add a personal flair. With many designs for Indian wedding invitations, you surely will find your pick for an exceptional e-invite.

You are about to embark on this new and exciting journey, so why not begin it with something new and trending.

Why Paper Invitations Over Digital Invitations?


How can anything surpass flamboyance? How can the old school charms be outshined by modern lures? Similarly how digital wedding cards can outweigh the traditional Indian wedding Invitation? There are good reasons that wedding cards made of paper are still preferred by many couples. Here we have mentioned why paper invitations are still so loved over digital wedding invitations:

Indian Wedding Cards

Because everything old school is quite popular

Let’s get real, one of the biggest reason that paper invites are that popular or preferred choice is that they aren’t that popular. Confused? We live in a century where we are addicted to digital communication and in that scenario; paper invitations are nothing less than fascinating. Getting a physical invitation is like breaking the streamline of digital wedding invitations on Facebook and email-ids. In fact, there is no doubt that even the recipient thinks that it is an important event and he or she will notice that immediately. Your wedding is significant for you but it can be built as a milestone for others too with traditional Indian wedding cards. While every other person is blindly following the trends of E-invites, your guests will surely notice this extra effort of yours and will make sure your event is amongst their priority.

They infuse more trust

How many times do we ignore our email notifications or notification pop-up on Facebook ? A small typo mistake and our fingers automatically delve it in trash or spam. The irony is that it’s our gadgets that are more connected online and not us. This leads to a bigger problem for the invitation as there are chances that we will ignore it or our mail algorithms might find them suspicious and automatically transfer it to others. There are good chances that even after sending emails successfully to everyone, it might get unnoticed or ignored; whereas with paper invitations, there is no such thing as spam or trash. These invites tend to find the intended destination.

Because these are simple beauties

No wonder what we say, we still cherish our charms of old-school. Be it the letters over emails, books over e-books, and so much more. Hence there is one good reason that people will automatically be inclined to paper wedding cards in the era of digital wedding invitations. These old-school beauties are simply enchanting and appealing.

With traditional Indian wedding cards, you have got a lot to be playful. You have got material to choose and you can go for something basic to something more expensive, from something modern and matter to something vintage. There are a lot of options. Then you can decide on the different printing options to incorporate. From classic favorites like engraving to modern laser cut, you have got a whole deck of options to choose from in this as well. Then there is the big palate of colours and things go on. People like paper invitations and that’s the biggest reason why most people still prefer them over digital wedding invites.

These paper invites set the tone of something more luxurious and significant in respect to your wedding. So make your choice and instead of thinking over which mode for sending Indian wedding cards, think about the expression of awe on your guests’ faces.

Why Pre Wedding Photo-shoot?


Wedding Day is the most special day in everyone’s life. People do months of planning for it like wedding cards, wedding venue,wedding theme, photo shoot etc.There was a time when marriage alliances were brought and finalized by families and the boy or girl had little or no say in these matters. Proponents argue that the parents knew the children the most and always took the decisions best for them at any given point of time. Take any sphere of life, be it education, career or matrimony, parents’ wish prevailed! Now with the increase in complexities in the modern world and moral dilution in children, often the decisions taken by parents fail. Considering the high failure rate of marriages, parents permit children to get married as per their choice. Although, it is not completely acceptable to the society a lot of positive changes are seen in this direction.


With the increase in modernization come the benefits were a lot of innovation is taking place in how the weddings take place these days. People are opting for destination weddings at one point and are outsourcing services from across the world at the other. Weddings are turning into a symbol of status unlike earlier when it was a reason for celebration on the union of two souls. The recent trend is that of a pre-wedding photo shoot. The couple goes for an all day long photo shoot at different places. Before the photo shoot actually takes place, the couple is made comfortable with each other and are advised about camera shyness, if any. During the photo shoot, the couple actually gets to know each other more and develop that chemistry and intimacy that comes out in pictures. Without the counseling, the couple continues to hesitate which is clearly evident from the snaps.

At this juncture, a professional photographer plays a vital role in understanding the couple and bringing out the best in them. They counsel the couple on how they should pose and other requirements for a particular snap. Marriage being a lifetime affair has to be made unique, special and exquisite as it is treasured for life. The photographer accentuates on making a short story on how they fell in love and are finally getting married! This story is finally conveyed to the world in the form of pictures. A pre-wedding photo shoot is an excellent way to enhance your experience with each other and gives a glimpse of how deep is your matrimonial bond. It is a treat to look at your pictures together and know what a beautiful journey lies ahead!

Muslim Wedding Card with Raised Gold Printing

Indian wedding card
Wedding, This single word infused lots of happiness and love in everyone’s life. Wedding cards are the most important part of every wedding. Wedding cards are the most of every wedding. Muslim weddings are the most royal weddings ever. Muslim wedding cards are famous worldwide for their unique traditional design and shimmery finish paper. Muslim wedding Invitations are in demand at the international level. Many people want to get married to Muslim tradition.

Muslim Wedding Cards

A wedding is a precious moment in everyone’s life and it is essential to be with close relatives and family members at this moment. An invitation card is a way to request for their kind presence. This card carries the message of happiness and you can tell about that precious moment by it. Invitations are also important since invitees will guess about the grandeur of marriage by these. Therefore invitations are also helpful in making nuptial special. Although there are different varieties of these invitations available in the market, an Indian wedding card is always being one of the most favorite choices among them.

The Indian wedding card also offers you a lot of options to choose from. Since people of different religions live in India, this card is also available according to different religions. Muslim wedding card is one of the most purchased products among these variants. Wedding cards relevant to religion have matching symbols and motifs. Such cards reflect the traditions and culture of a particular religion. Indian wedding cards manufacturer provides such cards with die-cut patterns, abstract and matte floral finish, texture and embossed prototype, and other many styles. Among these styles, Muslim wedding cards made of shimmery finish paper with raised gold color printing is gaining popularity these days.

This Muslim wedding card comes with one envelope, one main card, and two inserts. Envelope has purple colored shimmery finish paper with raised gold color printing. The main card has the same color and paper with printing in gold color. There are matching inserts available with this card. If you are on a tight schedule and cannot go to the shop, you can buy this Muslim wedding card online. You can also customize this card in the aspect of symbols, motifs, paper color, and design. This card is also ideal for sending through the post because it comes in 7.00” X7.00” dimensions. You can also purchase extra inserts, matching Thank You and RSVP cards with it.


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