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Going For Wedding: Follow These Simple Makeup Tips

This article will help you provide with the most productive tips with respect to makeup and facial touches. Read the article and gain the fruitful results from it.

Invite guests with due decorum for any Muslim Wedding in the family

Every religion has its customs and rituals regarding the wedding. Islamic wedding is not out of the bandwagon and follows the religious belief, culture, and…

Live Every Moment of Your Marriage

This, however, is seen opposite in case of many individuals where everything is planned and executed as per the wishes of all the people except the bride and the groom.

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Why E- Wedding Invitation Cards are A Smart Choice?

You get all your answers with these listed reasons that make E- wedding invitation cards one smart choice:

Get Attractive Wedding cards For Your Day

Weddings are the most auspicious occasions in India. In a country with diverse cultures and multiple cultures and traditions, it is evident that marriages are…

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Significance of Varmala Ceremony in Hindu Wedding

Varmala is composed of fresh flowers and some couples prefer using artificial flowers, but it is good to use the natural ones to keep the ceremony eco-friendly.

The Top 10 Indian Wedding Trends In 2020

Those days are gone when people choose marigold flowers, heavy lehengas, and lightning for decoration. Now people got more exposure because of the internet, and…

Indian Wedding Trends With Modern-Day Touches

With the arrival of a new decade, there are many new trends added to a typical Indian wedding. Traditions are a big part of Indian…

Elegance of Red Color & its Significance for Indian Brides

After wedding, a bride is keen to begin a new life, red is the remainder of new phase of life.

Pre-Wedding Rituals in a Christian Wedding

Here are some pre-wedding rituals that form an essential part of a wedding and have their own significance in a wedding.