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Top Wedding Trends To Look For 2019

Indian wedding cards

Bored with going all conventional with the wedding plans that still are a decade old? Well, no worries as we have got your back covered and bought you some really cool wedding trends for 2019. As per the experts, these trends will help you rock your wedding for this year.

Now the traditions are not just the only things that determine everything. Brides are getting more and more playful with their look and are expressing them more freely with the personalized outfits and jewellery. Covering these aspects, we bring you top wedding trends for 2019:

  • Let your mandap be the centre of attraction

Yes, as per the current trends, mandap is very significant when it comes to wedding decor. There are many options that you can go for to decorate the mandap. If you want your wedding to be all trendy, let your mandap do the talking.

  • Hathphool is the favourite accessory for this wedding season

Hathphool is our favorite accessory for this wedding season. Yes, so all the brides-to-be get ready to rock your game with a stunning piece of Hathphool. From beautiful pearl enamelled Hathphool to Hathphool embellished with intricate mirror work, there are a lot of options to choose from. Do the research as you did while selecting the best color and design for your Indian wedding cards.

  • Waterfall earrings is another cool thing

Yes, these beautiful ethnic pieces are again in trend now and you can see many brides pull of their wedding attire with these elegant pieces.

  • Less is no more the “more”

When it comes to wedding jewellery, less is more is not the thing to follow for this year. Yes, you can go all drooled over all the amazing jewellery and even wear it for your big day.

  • Customised outfits

No, we are not talking about tailored outfits that go well with your size. We are talking about adding some really dainty elements to give your bridal look a more personalized touch. For instance, one option which is quite popular is adding some quotes you can relate to in your embroidery work.

  • Crazy wedding themes

Crazy wedding themes are so in and you can totally rock those things with the help of best designers and wedding planners. Moreover, you can incorporate the same theme in your wedding invitations to give your guests a glimpse of all the craziness awaiting.

  • Eco-friendly weddings are so in

Eco-friendly wedding is so trendy and they continue to rock 2019 as well. You can adopt different measures in order to save the environment like ditching paper invitations and choosing a wedding website or E-wedding invitations. If you still want to go old-school with wedding cards, you can use recycled paper for it. Other than that you can use napkins instead of tissue papers, choose recycled things for wedding decor and so much more.

These are some of the wedding trends that will rule 2019. Tell us which of those of you going to implement for your gala event.

What do 7 Pheras Stand for in Indian Wedding?

Indian wedding cards

You have got “Phera ceremony” engraved on your wedding invitations. We all know that in Hindu weddings, a couple takes the 7 Pheras and make some promises and ask for blessings from God. But what exactly do these seven pheras signify? Want to know more about it, continue reading.

In the first Phera, the bride takes the lead while the couple seeks blessings from the Lord for pure and nourishing food for a healthy life. It’s the promise which the groom makes as he pledges to provide his family with welfare and happiness. The bride in return promises to be an active and equal part of all the responsibilities and that she fulfil them happily for the welfare of the groom and the family.

In the second Phera, the couple seeks the blessing for physical, mental as well as spiritual well being. It’s the groom that promises to stand by his bride at all the times and protect her. He promises to provide security to their family as well. In response, the wife takes the vow of being the strength to his husband and gives him all her undivided attention along with eternal love.

In the third Phera, the bride and the groom promise to be loyal to each other. They also seek blessing from the lord for a wealthy and prosperous life. The couple then takes the vow of taking care of their children and educate them. The Phera is about how they need to be loyal to each other for life while taking care of their children.

In the fourth Phera, the couple take s the vow of being there for each other through thick and thin. The groom promises the wife to take her and to love her in all her forms, in happiness and in sadness. The bride then swears to stand by the groom and serve and please him to the best of her abilities. The couple vows to take care of each other and other members in their family.

In the fifth Phera, the groom takes the lead while the couple seeks the blessing for healthy progeny. They pray the Lord for noble and strong children. The couple together also prays the almighty for the welfare of every living being in the universe. The couple promise to be the best parents to their children.

In the sixth Phera, the couple prays the almighty for a healthy life free from all sorts of diseases. The groom also feels grateful for his wife as has taken six most substantial steps with him and has filled his heart with absolute bliss. He later asks her to kindly fill his life and heart with immerse happiness for as long as they live. In return, the wife agrees to be with him and to love him through sickness and in health.

In the seventh Phera, the couple seeks the blessings for a lifelong relationship based on the pillars of love, loyalty and understanding for each other. The couple takes the oath of being the best of friends forever and to love each other in all the forms. They vow to be there together not only for this life but for many lives to come.

Catering Tips for Indian Weddings in This Summer


You probably have read a lot of hacks over wedding invitations, tips to look good on your wedding, ideas for bridal outfits and what not. Just to have a perfect wedding, we do everything but have you given enough attention to the most “anticipated element of Indian wedding” – FOOD? Believe it or not, it is very substantial and people look forward to it for most of the times.

So for this post, we bring you the catering tips for your Indian wedding for this summer. These tips will help you in choosing the right menu and choosing the best ways in which you can serve these delicacies to your guests. So, let’s get started:

  • Appetizing starters

Indian weddings are all about food. Yes, it is one thing that all of us love at every Indian wedding. So why not welcome your guests for your summer wedding with splendid starters. Everybody will totally drool over some light and savoury snacks like Pani patashi, samosa, idli dosa, paneer tikka, kebabs, etc. Believe us the list is never ending as we have got speciality of every state as well we are excelling in tweaking other cuisines with Indian flavours as well.

The pro tip is like you use fancy envelope liners for accentuating your Indian wedding cards, you can use some pretty looking kiosks even quirky designed cars and food trucks to present them in front of your guests. What’s an Indian wedding without whole tweaks and twists?

  • Beverages to the rescue

Summers are “extreme” in India. So if you don’t want your guests’ brain top gets roast up in the summer heat, calm their nerves down with cool beverages. The good thing is that you have got it in both-alcoholic as well as non-alcoholic categories.

From nimbu-pani to watermelon punch, from soft drinks to wine, from fruit juices to Mocktails, you have got a whole deck of variety in beverages. Obviously, the presentation here is important as well. From classic shots to fancy bottles, serve your guests their favourite drink.

  • Sumptuous meals for the main course

The meals for the main course are very substantial and hence you need to pay attention to every detail. You can stick to one cuisine or even have the best delicacies of multiple cuisines. Though there is an extensive range of gourmet meals in Indian cuisine too, your choices are simply based on your likings and budget. Make sure you have a set buffet along with necessary sitting arrangements.

  • Delectable desserts

Every meal is incomplete without desserts. And when it comes to Indian weddings, it is the most anticipated part of the menu. From kids to the oldies, everyone here has a sweet tooth. And apart from their rich sweet flavours, if you present them in an attractive manner, then they become no less than mouth-watering.

From traditional Indian sweets to contemporary desserts like puddings and cakes and mousse, you can have a lot of options to go for. Most popular as desserts in Indian weddings among Indian sweets are Gulab Jamun, Moong dal ka halwa, ras malai, shahi tukda, etc.

Best Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot Ideas for Indian Couples


Are you looking for some interesting ideas for your pre-wedding photo shoot? Are you looking for some ideas which lead to your pictures showcase the genuine love you share instead of those fake candies? Well, look no further because we have just got that for you. Here is the list of the 4 best pre-wedding photo shoot ideas for Indian couples:

1.For the die-heart food lovers

Let’s be honest, you probably have mingled well upon food. This is the first love for many people. In fact, their precious moments together have some fantastic food stories. If you’re that couple, that shares the common love of food, then you can portray this well in your pre-wedding photo shoot. The good thing is you don’t have to pose while you’re with two of the most amazing things you fall in love with –YOUR partner and the food. It’s a different idea and looks more realistic as well.

You can even have your Indian wedding invitations designed like a menu of a restaurant. How amazing it is, the whole theme of your wedding, from pre-wedding photo shoot to wedding cards is all about –FOOD.

2. For the PAWW-esome couple

Don’t you get extra likes when you upload a photo with your pet? Their mere presence makes everything happy. So the next idea is to bring that bliss in your wedding photo shoots as well by including your furry friend.

This will definitely make the photos a lot adorable and awesome.

3. With your Chuddy-buddies

There will surely be one idiot or even a whole bunch of them who are going to give “chandler-funny-speeches” and crack your bone with laughter by their inappropriate jokes. They are probably more excited about this wedding than you as they get yet another place to share your embarrassing stories and the love you share.

So why not include this bunch of idiots in your pre-wedding photo shoot? They were a substantial part of your pre-wedding life, aren’t they? Also, don’t forget how you will end up cracking the most genuine smile on their jokes and get the best pictures.

4. For the couple with filmy-keeda

Do you dream of getting married amidst the “sarso ka khet” where Raj of DDLJ proposed Simran? Well, one thing is pretty clear; you are born with the “unconditioned love for films”. Is that what you bonded over? If it is, then you can incorporate these ideas for real by having a “filmy pre-wedding photo shoot”. You simply have to recreate the iconic pictures of your favorite movies. It’s dramatic and dreamy. You can even design your wedding cards in filmy themes. Your guests will surely look forward to your wedding anticipating what all is there that can leave them in “Awe”.

5. For a person and place called home

Ditch all those fancy locations or fancy clothes. They will end up looking fake most of the time. One of the best ideas is to shoot these pictures in the comfort of home. You can dress in your favourite pyjamas or quirky shorts surrounded by walls that have witnessed your story all along. It will look more original and unique.

Common Mistakes Couple make When Planning the Wedding and the Tips to Avoid Them


Every couple plans a lot for their Wedding which is no less than the most beautiful events in their life. Even with so much planning, it is very easy to step into a few pitfalls through this.

For this post we are discussing common mistakes couples make when they plan for their “D-Day” along with the tips to avoid them:

Money wasting

We know when it comes to the wedding; people get a bit of spendthrift. Everyone dreams of this beautiful event for so long that when it finally happens, we try to make sure that nothing lacks.

Also, don’t forget the vendors as they will just advise you and make more and more profit from you. It goes like that since forever. Hence you need to be considerate and careful. Make sure you are not spending money where you don’t need to. It can be over the expensive bridal outfit and jewellery or over having a luxury car at your wedding and reception when you’re at the same location.

Overlooking the wedding ceremony

Some of you might get, “WHAT” as of how can one overlook the wedding ceremony at the wedding. But there are many couples who just focus on the reception without forgetting that it’s the wedding ceremony which is the main event. Reception is just celebrating this unison. So make sure you don’t fall in the pitfall without giving enough thought for the wedding ceremony. Make sure you have the right seating arrangement, music, readings and everything else. You want to make sure that you cherish these moments forever as it is then when you say your vows and tie the knot officially.

A wedding without any personality

Yes, there are times when you go to a wedding which is devoid of the personalities of the couple. It’s not necessary to have a theme wedding but a lack of personality in the wedding make it one of the many gala events, nothing special or more than that. Do a little research and unfold your creativity to add unique charms to your wedding. For such an important day of your life, make sure you plan something that reflects your life.

Not having a back-up plan

It could never rain on my wedding day”, “what’s the need of emergency bridal kit”, these are some of the common thoughts couple have. That’s where they forget to plan for the things that might go wrong. Therefore you always need to have a contingency plan. For instance, you need to ask your vendor to make necessary arrangements as in an alternate location if there is rain. You can even have your bridal emergency kit for any last minute touch ups and snafus.

Without indulging your better half

We are living in the 21st century. So don’t let the fact to be just delegated to the bride. You both are getting married and hence you both should take active and equal participation in wedding planning. Take out some time to talk about the new ideas, make pointers based on research together, accordingly you can set wedding related goals and even keep a track on them. You are about to start this new journey together; so, include your better half in anything and everything.

In the end, don’t let yourself bogged down over little details and later regretting not spending enough time on what’s really important. Breathe and relax, the accidents or any mis-happening tend to become the funniest and cherished memories of the wedding.

Facts And Reports Of Shraddha Kapoor’s Supposed Wedding With Rohan Shrestha


Shraddha Kapoor is now count in the biggest actress of the Bollywood actress. Being a part of celebrity family she gets most of the skills in her genes. Along with her acting she is also a good singer. She get all these qualities from her family members. Along with these she also gets in lime light due to her affairs. Earlier she is dating Actor Farahan Akhtar. But now there is news that she is dating Rohan Shrestha and planning to get married to him.

Rohan Shrestha is a star photographer. The photos by Rohan Shrestha has been appeared in many international platforms. Rohan Shrestha is now a days famous for his affair with the Bollywood actress Shraddha Kapoor and there is a news that they are soon going to tie a node in the year 2020.

According to a report by Bollywood Bubble Shraddha Kapoor’s parents has been asked her to take some serious decision about her future as she is already 32. And after that she discussed the same with her boyfriend Rohan Shrestha and then they decided that they will get married in year 2020. After that both side families have started their preparations for the big day of Shraddha and Rohan that would fall in the year 2020.

There are a lot of news about their wedding and relationship but the couple has never admit that they are dating each other. Even when asked in news conferences when they are asked of dating each other they only says that “They know each other from past 9 years but they are not dating each other , they are only good friends.” In exact statement by Rohan he said “We have been extremely close for the last 9 years, but NO, I am not dating her. I met her at a party and we instantly hit it off. First impressions I definitely thought she was cute, but have only remained best friends ever since.” And also in an interview Shraddha’s father Shakti Kapoor speaks up that “Bullsh*it. There is no truth to it.

Shraddha has no plans of marrying anyone for coming 4-5 years. She has too much on her plate at the moment and is totally focused on her upcoming projects. Her calendar is choc-o-block for the next 2 years. All this is crap.” Along with this Shakti Kapoor also says that in past also, Shraddha’s name is linked with a lot of actors and also that all are rumors , as this is film industry and every other day a actors name is linked with other. And when asked about Rohan and Shraddha relationship he said that “His father, Rakesh (Bollywood’s Ace photographer), is a dear friend of mine. We all are family friends. My daughter tells me everything what is happening in her life. She will never marry without her parents’ consent.” So according to the news in top newspapers and news channels no one from Shraddha and Rohan along with their family accept that they are in relationship and are planning to get married.

Latest Indian Wedding Invitation trends for Summer 2019


Are we hearing the wedding bells? Are you finally getting hitched? First of all, a big congratulations with the wish of a happily ever after.

The preparations for this happily ever after doesn’t commence happily. There is a lot of stress that a couple goes through while preparing for weddings. The best way you can relax is to organize yourself before planning to organize this substantial event. You can start by keeping a journal that will help you in writing down the kinds of stuff that needed to be done. It also ensures you don’t overlook anything important.

Wedding preparations begin with choosing the right Indian wedding invitations. Hence, this post is dedicated to sharing with you some latest Indian wedding invitation trends for summer 2019:

Envelope liners for an instant hit

While choosing the designs for your Indian wedding invitations, consider giving enough attention to the envelopes too. You can go for Envelope liners for your Indian wedding cards. As soon as the recipient opens up your wedding invite, it will surely catch his eye. They add panache to your wedding invitations and make it look more eloquent.

For the traditional Hindu wedding cards, you can add the contemporary flair by adding Hindu shlokas on the envelope liner. This will definitely make your wedding invitation the “talk of the town” for some time.

Tweak your Wedding invitation colour palette with unconventional

Yes, we all know how certain colors are simply associated with wedding invitations. Red is considered auspicious for Hindi wedding invitation cards. But we say why you want to do exactly like other couples when it comes to choosing your wedding invitations. You can think out of the box and go for unconventional color choices for your wedding cards. You can go for bolder shades that portray happiness in most elegant manner or something mellower that illustrates happiness in a cool and breezy way. Go for something you haven’t seen before. A change in color scheme will help in creating a solid impression on every person in your guest list.

Cloth cards are very trendy

Yes, cloth cards are quite popular Indian wedding invitation trend for summer 2019. The good thing is that you can use different textures and coloured fabric for your Indian wedding cards. they will elude the traditional and ethnic vibe and look absolutely regal.

Hand drawn maps for extra enigma

Maps have now become one substantial part of Indian wedding cards. But who said you only have to go for those printed things. You can add a sense of enigma by choosing the hand-drawn maps on your wedding cards. It will make it look amazing as you can personalize it as well with adding the local landmarks.

These are some popular Indian wedding cards trends for summer 2019. Tell us which one of these do you like the best.

5 Budget Wedding Destinations in India


You are doing so much research on coming up with the right neckline for your wedding Lehenga, the right design for your Indian wedding cards and everything related to your wedding ceremony. Have you given enough thought about where do you want to get married? You will be surprised to know that our country has so many amazing destinations where you can celebrate the embracement of this new journey. For this post we are discussing 5 budget wedding destinations in India:

  1. Agra is the home town of the Taj Mahal which is considered as the epitome of love. What’s a better place to tie the knot other than the city of Agra which reside the forever epitome of the love of the husband for his beloved wife? The city has everything you need for a perfect Indian wedding. It will look perfectly romantic to mention the city in your Indian wedding cards as well.

2. Jaipur, the beautiful capital of Rajasthan, the land of Royals is our next pick for the destinations for Indian weddings. Obviously, if you’re planning to organize a grand gala, Jaipur is one ideal place to tie the knot. The city has several heritage hotels that will help you in planning a royal wedding of your own. but it’s not just the royal gala, you can have some affordable options as well. The city has some beautiful spots as well that will serve as the ideal place for this beautiful union of two souls.

3. Bangalore, we know you probably have heard it as the IT dominated city of the country but you will be surprised by some of its treasures that serve as the ideal venue for your wedding. If you’re thinking of going to a destination wedding in South India, Bangalore is one good option. With the eloquent resorts and banquets, the silicon valley of India is one of the popular destinations for Indian weddings.

4. Kerala which has won the sobriquet of “God’s own country” is our next pick for ideal destinations for Indian weddings. If you’re not looking for a gala but a simple wedding where picturesque vistas form the backdrops for you to take the vows, then Kerala is your choice. You will have lush beaches, languid backwaters and beautiful resorts, so there is no such thing as lack of venue when it comes to Kerala.

Also, grooms, you can make a dramatic entrance on an elephant. So if you would like to go for a peaceful wedding amidst the tranquillity of nature or something gal midst the emerald backwaters, and then let your Indian wedding invitations have Kerala as your wedding destination.

5. Goa serves as one of the lavish destinations if you’re planning to have a beach-side wedding. The city is the blend of the beautiful blue skies and gleaming sea water, of lush greens and white sand. So if the beach wedding is always on your list then this is what you have been looking for all along. Also, it’s not just beaches; the city has some exotic resorts and ancient places a well where you can say your vows. Don’t forget the beautiful locations for a pre-wedding photo-shoot which you can use for your wedding cards as well.

5 Tips that will help BRIDE-TO-BE in “Rocking” her Sangeet Ceremony


Brides of the 21st century are breaking all the stereotypes. Gone were the days when they were just sitting and smiling while the whole family and friends are enjoying and dancing on their Sangeet ceremony. Now they take the lead in every step and then be it in choosing the designs for their Indian wedding cards or dancing their way on in their Sangeet ceremony. But as you need planning for organizing all these events, you need some planning tips for yourself too so that you can make the most of it.

Therefore, for this post we are sharing with your some tips that will help you in “rocking” your Sangeet ceremony:

  1. We all know how much we appreciate those Lehengas with heavy embroidery or stonework. There is no doubt that they look absolutely amazing but they won’t allow you to dance freely. Therefore as per your choice of outfit, you can go for some lightweight bridal outfits. They are very trending and let’s not forget the ease they offer while showing your “SWAG” on the dance floor.

2. Also don’t you think that you dancing on those several feet high inch heels is a bit risky unless you are Bey once obviously. Instead of those high inches heels, you can go for sneakers or even barefoot while dancing. Also not just for dancing, you can choose flats for the rest of the ceremony as well. Indian ceremonies are long events. Bearing the pain for so long will only make you feel all annoyed and tired. So, ditch all those stilettos or high heels get all ready to “SWING”.

3. The same thing goes with your make-up as well. You should stick to very light and breathable makeup. The last thing you want is to look all drained out and sweaty after that heavy makeup has its free fall with your dance. Also, don’t forget Indian has a very moderate climate and you will be all drained in sweat after your dance. Therefore wear light and sweat resistant make-up that doesn’t wash away as you make your move from one song to the next.

4. Another thing to take care of is your hairstyle. We all love open tresses as they go along with anything and look absolutely spectacular. But unfortunately, for a solo dance, try to make a half updo or pin them up using pins. You can ask the stylist to go for the hairstyle that can keep those tresses away from your face. In this manner, you look beautiful before and after the performance as well.

5. Lastly, be very particular when it comes to making the song choice. You can go for trending songs or choose any of your favorites from classics. But make sure the song goes with your personality and with the mood of the event as well. You can go for fusion as well, swinging on beats dedicated to different members of your family and for the love of your life.

Add Traditional Charms in your Indian Wedding Cards


As much as you await the presence of your guests on your big day, they too cherish the wedding invitations sent by your equally. Many couples are choosing the digital invites over traditional wedding cards but that doesn’t mean that the latter has lost all its charms.

Indian culture is considered on the richest amongst all and probably the little inclination of ours towards traditional practices is appreciated by everyone. Taking that into context, for this post we are discussing some beautiful ideas you can use in your Indian wedding card to add more traditional and personalized charms:


Everyone is looking for ways in which they can make their wedding signifies a part of them at the best. From getting the outfit customised by adding the wedding Hashtags to choosing some quirky yet personal locations and ideas for wedding photos, they are very particular about every element of their wedding. So, why not use the same for the wedding invitations and add the storytelling element in it. It can be a caricature or a doodle or anything you can relate with. There are many elements that can describe the journey of the couple and give the sneak peek of the wedding ceremony to the guests.


There is no doubt that the little wedding gifts when sending with wedding invitations are highly adored. And for this gift, what could serve as the better option than a box of homemade chocolates or little jars or pouches of dry fruits. They are surely counted amongst the mainstream but are equally appealing to every recipient. Other than that, sending dry fruits with wedding cards is one traditional practice followed in India for so long.


Don’t we all just love this little detailing that can accentuate any wedding invitation? The tassels, when added to Indian wedding invitations, give it a look that is the blend of traditions and modernity. It can make the wedding invitation design look more authentic. With this simple and elegant detailing, you can add the flair which your Indian wedding invitation is lacking somewhere.


Some of the couples like to have everything simple and sorted while others like to go a little “extravagant” when it comes to marriage invitations. And what could be more pompous than a fancy wedding invitation box? This idea is very fancy and excites the guests more than those e-Indian wedding cards.


Motifs have been an indispensable part of wedding invitations for so long. They are considered substantial in wedding designs. The most common motif used in many Hindu wedding invitations is the motif of Lord Ganesha. This motif not only looks spectacular but is believed to be the mark of an auspicious occasion and a happy beginning. This motif has its own traditional charms and is surely one of the best elements you can add in your invitations.


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