Modern Wedding Etiquettes to Keep in mind

Weddings have always been the best way to preserve protocols, in their purest form. Although, times have certainly changed by now, yet there are still a few big no-nos to remember. These modern etiquettes mostly revolve around the bride and the groom and to make their day extra special. For those who are still unsure about these trending etiquettes, here a few basic but unavoidable guidelines for you –

No to social media and society too

Nowadays every couple is eager to let the world know about their engagement. Yes, engagement is as exciting as a wedding. but always keep in mind before sharing the news with everyone consider your closest one around you. Keep yourself away from social media and avoid uploading images and updating status without valid permission of family members. Take a deep breath, be patient and enjoy the moment.

Guestlist: Keep it personal:

You can keep your wedding ceremony personal. It’s not necessary to add everyone to your guest list and sending wedding invitations to each of them. You can celebrate the special day of the wedding with your closest friends and family. It makes the planning process more convenient and easily enjoyed by all who attend the ceremony. Don’t get affected by the reactions of the others just because they didn’t understand your will.

Open seating arrangement


When it comes to seating arrangement in a modern wedding, usually round and rectangular tables are used with classy chairs. The bridal table in a center with close relatives and friends around them & then comes the other guests. It is best to keep a family or a couple on same table. This kind of modernized and well-organized arrangement is well-appreciated at weddings.

Wedding registries


Wedding registries are back in back in fashion! It is totally easy and well-appreciated. The bride and groom can track their wedding gifts & it encourages record keeping. To give it a contemporary touch, special wedding envelopes are recently launched and it comes with a thank you card service along with it which is delivered along with the wedding registry. It has really made the entire process of gifting, more personal and fun!

Payment etiquette

Remember the old saying, the bride side will take the responsibility, forget that one. Now in modern times, many families and couples want to pay a section of the expenses or couples to pay on your own.


The bride is the light for the ceremony. Bridals need to be the highlight of the eve. Guests should wear white during the welcome ceremony and black can also be accepted as it adds a touch of fashion trends.

Except for all these, you can also select the bride’s attendant either a woman or a man. Don’t fall for myths and have a look before the bride walks down the aisle. These can be the modern etiquette that will help you to know more about the wedding.

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