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Indian culture is so rich and tremendous. You can see the splendid nature of Indian culture spread over every part of the country. The culture of India is an incredible crown that is worshiped by the universe, as you move further, before placing the remarks of your footsteps, the culture of the land will get change.

It is the result of diversity, diversity in food, geographical conditions, language, land, rituals, and the most important apparel. Indian apparel shower the significance of respect, manners, elegance using beautiful clothing & colors. When we talk about Indian weddings, apparel is the most prominent topic including theme, rituals, India wedding cards, colors, etc.

The rich and royal Indian weddings are famous for their traditional rituals, ethnic attires, mouth-watering food, and classy hosting. Their many celebrities from Hollywood and other countries came to India for Indian traditional weddings like Katy Perry And Russell Brand, Heidi Klum And Seal, Elizabeth Hurley And Arun Nayar, Padma Lakshmi And Salman Rushdie.

Although there is so much to talk about Indian weddings here we discuss the most important part of every wedding. At an Indian wedding, clothes make it as much as the bride and groom do. The apparels, ornaments, and adornments varied according to the rituals of a different part of India.

Indian Wedding

Bride with opulence

When we talk about Northern Region, in Rajasthan to be bride would wear ghagra choli, lehenga, odhani, in Punjab salwar kameez, in Maharashtra nine-yard saree or nowadays Indo-western dresses and sarees are adorned by the brides. While in southern India, the adornment of natural flowers is prominent which refreshes the beauty of the bride. Although, the bride usage gold jewelry as much as her family can. Except all these brides are adorned with natural beauty like Henna on her hand as the symbol of love and longevity of relationships.

Alta can be applied on her nails instead of henna, that looks beautiful and easily removable, kajal; lined in her eyes and scented water is sprinkled on her. On the day of ‘kanyadan‘ ceremony, Bride dressed as auspicious as a bride is considered an incarnation of Goddess Laxmi, the owner of prosperity. You can see the diversity in the clothing of Indian bride according to their state.

Regal aura of groo

Grooms are dressed up to spread royal aura, traditionally in Northern India, men are adorned with churidar, pajama, Shervani, Jodhpuri bandh gala suit, and western suits. Turbans are the symbol of prestige and pride, which is worn by the groom and his family members. Sehra, an adornment of flower tied to cover the face of the groom, to save him from evil eyes. In South, Vashti (dhoti) and Jubba (kurta) are the ideal apparel for the wedding.


Bold is the color for an Indian wedding, colors like red, orange, saffron, gold, crimson, pink, yellow, green, sapphire, mustard, etc. are some opulent colors. Either of silk, zari, chiffon, jorjet, the miniature works of the specific regions are eye astonishing. Traditionally red color is made for the bride to spread the hue and glory of love, passion, and piousness.

You must try these colorful, traditional, and cultured outfits in the Indian traditional theme weddings. Indian clothing culture is too unique that It will add up the more luxurious look and spread the royal aura. It is one of the heritage of India that is a present to Indian glory.

Creativity with clothing

With the intricate patterns and fabric of satin, silk or chiffon, Indian wedding dresses are created. From northern regions to southern regions, the embroidery on wedding dresses is created distinctly. Each culture of India has different embellishment work. These varieties make the Indian tradition more rich and elegant. The beauty of zari, cutwork, mirror work, Kundan work, pearl work, beadwork, sequins, zardosy, Kasab, etc can be seen in Indian wedding outfits.

Trendy Bridal outfits

Currently, a fusion of western style and Indian traditional theme is in fashion. This fusion is even seen in bridal outwear. Delicate designs based on bridal dresses are liked the most. There are huge varieties in bridal outfits whether it is salwar kammez or ghaghra choli. Indian brides mostly pick bold colors for their wedding outfits. The fusion of pastel colors with bold shades for Indian Wedding dresses is in running.

There is the fashion of bridal outwears matching with groom’s outwear. Some people also like multi-colored lehenga to wear on wedding occasions. Combination of different types of fabrics and textures gives a gorgeous and eye-catching look to brides and groom at their weddings.

Influence of foreign

Due to the practice followed by Muslim women, the culture of salwar kurta or salwar kameez came in India. In the Mughal period, another dress termed as “Lehanga” came into existence. This dress described Indian principles and ideals. At the time of British ruling on India, women of West Bengal used to wear saree without a blouse. Women in West Bengal used to wrap the upper part of the body through the end of the saree.

This was not thought appropriate by British masses and so blouses and petticoat came into existence. Throughout the world, saree is popular widely. Indian culture and its traditional values are appreciated by even UNESCO. India’s cultural contribution to the world is significant and diverse.

A wedding comes with lots of delightful aspects. Whether it is shopping for wedding dresses, giving wedding cards, ordering for decoration, etc. the whole wedding family gets excited. From small five-year-old child to a senior citizen of the family all are driven with the gale and gaiety of the wedding occasion. In the midst of all this stuff, the traditional outfits of the family signify the opulence and grace of the long-lasting culture preserved by the family.

India’s traditional outfits indicate the beauty of the old historical culture that Indians have still maintained and preserved. You can see in any Indian wedding, the traditional wear of almost all the family members will be heart-touching and loving. Dresses with bright colors, fun prints, Indian wedding invitations, dramatic jewelry, and accessories make the Indian wedding more modish and smart.

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