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Online and Offline Vendors for Indian Wedding Invitation Cards


The wedding invitation cards have become a popular occupation in India. It is a great and successful business as every year a lot of weddings happen all across India. Earlier the wedding invitation card is only sold by the offline vendors and now when the digitalization has increased it also pulls the wedding invitation card vendors towards the online business. Both offline and online vendors are successful in this business.

Indian wedding cards

The offline vendors are the old vendors of this business and mostly their business run due to their name and trust in the market. Many offline vendors also started their business online so that they can reach a lot of the public. Their name and trust in the market also gave rise to their online business. It’s not the time when the people can choose the cards from one or two choices now the time changes and people are now more attracted to the designer cards. This also gives rise to the designer profession in India. Many Indians are now more attracted to designer cards with fewer prizes.

The online vendors are also successful. The main reason for their success is their easy access. Today in this time of busy lifestyle someone found the free time very rarely and that’s the reason they think of looking for an easy approach and for that the solution comes with it in online marketing. The online vendors of invitation cards also provide the facility to their customers to customize their card. One more benefit that the customers get when they purchase their wedding invitation card online is that they will also get a digital invitation card from many vendors as free with paper invitation cards. So this also helps the couple to send their guests a digital invitation along with a paper invitation.

The wedding invitation card vendors whether they are online or offline both try to attract their customers through many amazing deals and offers. In today’s time mostly youth generation believes in the online vendors for their wedding invitation cards. The main reason behind the believe of online vendors is that they provide fast and easy service. Along with that they also give amazing offers to their first-time customers and also allows their customers to customize their cars according to their wish.

Both online and offline vendors used different – different tricks to attract their customers. And these days many events organizing companies gives the packages of the whole wedding by including gifts and wedding cards for their customers. The wedding planners and event organizing companies gives these services with the whole theme contrasting with the wedding that attracts most customers towards them.

Heart of Indian Weddings – Invitation Card


The Indian weddings when someone heard this name the first thing that comes to their mind will be that “Wow! Time to fun, a lot of food, colorful decoration, colorful clothes, happy people, dancing people, a lot of pranks, shennai, band bazaar and many more”. When someone heard about Indian weddings he or she get fills with full to cherish and happiness. When you get an Indian wedding invitation card and after seeing that card you will become excited about all the functions and masti of the wedding.

Indian wedding brings lots of fun and happiness in many personal lives. The Indian wedding invitation card reflects the standard of weddings. By seeing the invitation card of the Indian wedding people can guess the standard of a wedding. All due to these reasons Indian wedding cards are also popularly called the “Heart of Indian Weddings”.

Indian Wedding Invitations

So the family while choosing the invitation cards usually selects the card according to their religion and the seller also sells the cards according to multiple religions like they have categories cards like Hindu Wedding Cards, Christian Wedding Cards, and Muslim Wedding cards. Along with that sellers also have many other types of wedding cards like Theme Based Invitations cards, Personal wedding invitations cards, Laser cut wedding cards, Scroll invitations, etc.

While purchasing Wedding invitation card you will also get customize package from the seller to buy the invitation card Like you can select many add – on items along with invitation card that is Thamboolam Bags, Gift bags, Cake Boxes, Chocolate Boxes, Banners, Snack Boxes, and many more things.

These wedding cards also carry multiple themes like Bride-Groom Theme Cards, Card With Box, Cards With Painting, Damask Theme Cards, Door-Open Style Cards, Fabric Cards, Floral Theme Cards, Ganesh Cards, Handmade Paper Cards, Hardbound-Thick Cards, Laser Cut Invitations, Light Weight Cards, Multicolor Offset Designs, Odd Shape Invitations, Peacock Theme Cards, Radha Krishan Theme Cards, Ribbon N Multi-Layer Cards, Shimmery Finish Paper Cards, Single Sheet Cards, Small Size Cards, Vibrant/Contrasting Color Cards and many more.

The Indian wedding cards not only contain the bride and groom’s name whose marriage is going to take place while it carries the name of whole families of bride and groom. The family member’s names are written in almost one manner that you can easily find on almost every Indian wedding invitation card. The Indian wedding invitation card almost carries everyone’s name who is a close relative of the bride and groom.

The Indian Wedding invitation card is known as “Heart of Indian weddings” as it carries the fragrance and message of the start of a new life journey of a couple. The importance and value of the Indian wedding invitation card are as much as we value a heart in the human body. We can also call it the life of an Indian wedding.

Invitation Manuhar – Indian Wedding Cards


Indian weddings are not only famous for the different grand functions that happen during the wedding while the manhuar of guests in an Indian wedding function is also famous all around the world. Manuhar is the way to make someone feel special by taking care of them or by giving them special attention. Whether the family in which the wedding is going to happen is rich or middle class or poor everyone does manuhar of their guests in their way. The families start manuhar of their guests from the first day of the wedding that is with card distribution.

Indian wedding cards

The card invitation manuhar is done in different – different ways by the different – different families according to their tradition. The manuhar of the Indian Weddings starts with the distribution of cards. The manuhar of guests starts with cards and many families send gifts with these cards as present and request them to come and attend the marriage and bless the new couple with their blessings. The family where the marriage is going to happen has many choices as present to give like a box of chocolates or a box of dry fruits or a box of sweets or an idol of god or any other antique showcase or showpiece.

The invitation card along with gift is offered to guests by the families where the wedding is going to take place and invite them to come and attend the marriage. It is not necessary that every family where the wedding is going to take place gives a present with the card. This is optional and it is not necessary for every family to present their guest along with the wedding invitation card. The presents also vary according to a different – different religion or their status.

The family distributes the card to the guests by themselves if they live at a nearby location or if they live at any distance location then the family courier or postcard to their guests. The Invitation manuhar is the first, basic and most important step of starting the wedding. You might hear an idiom that is “If start is good then afterward everything good happens”. So to make beginning awesome the family where the wedding is going to take place selects the best card along with the best present to start a good beginning. In Indian Wedding, in every different – different religion the Invitation card is not only a ritual but means more than that.

Indian wedding cards have been a compulsory segment of any marriage ceremony for thousands of years, but their patterns, designs, themes, and styles are modernized regularly. Comping towards the digitization of invitation cards, online & digital invitations are also in trend nowadays. But, the emotions and motives behind sending invitations are still the same as traditional style cards. So, we can say that time & technologies change, but the basic concept behind sending Indian wedding cards, i.e. Manuhar stays there.

Revealed! Rakhi Sawant Is Married to a UK Based NRI, Ritesh


Rakhi Sawant is known to be in news and media all the time for many good and bad reasons. She has been leading news headlines for a very long time. In the latest shocker by controversy queen Rakhi Sawant, it was revealed that she is Married to a UK based NRI. According to her, they got married on 28th July in a private ceremony in JW Marriott, Mumbai. Rakhi and Ritesh are friends for a long time and he proposed to her to become his soulmate and finally, they got hitched. 

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They first got married legally in court, followed by a Christian and Hindu wedding ceremony. Ritesh proposed Rakhi around one and a half years ago and finally, after such a long period they decided to tie the knot. Revealing more, Rakhi told media that she met Ritesh first time only before 15 days of their wedding. He was one of her fans and started texting her via WhatsApp. They became friends slowly and starting sharing time with each other. 

Rakhi said, “This happened about a year-and-half back. Then in fact, he proposed that if I would like to marry one of his friends. ‘Dil mein ghanti nahin baji,’ I told him. He promptly asked, ‘Mere liye dil mein ghanti bajti hai kya?’ I said I need time to think. As more time rolled by, I realized I was falling in love with Ritesh. And, it was happening so very naturally. Trust me, I met him for the first time only 15 days before our wedding. He came down and I was sure that I had met the right guy,”

Further telling more about Ritesh, she told that he is a private person and doesn’t love to be in media and limelight. She denied to share his pictures as well and told the media that people will get to see Ritesh in their pre-baby shoot. She told further that they are planning for a baby in the year 2020. She told that Ritesh works with a company in the UK owned by Donald Trump and he wants Rakhi to continue with her work and the industry.

Well, as the less you reveal more people can wonder, here we also hope that it doesn’t become one more hoax attempt to generate controversy and be in news by Rakhi..

Wedding Day Emergency Kit For Every Bride

Indian wedding cards

We know the pressure of being the bride to be, not everyone can handle it like a pro. Therefore a bride to be should always have everything undercover. Now the question arises, how are you going to ensure that? The answer is with a wedding day emergency kit. We know that you always have imagined it to be perfect but you have to understand that it is almost impossible for things to happen just as you planned them. Even with the best of planning and detailed preparations, there are good chances that mishaps will happen. You obviously cannot predict about these mishaps but you can certainly be prepared to handle what will be there with a bridal emergency kit.

Now you already have got much to plan for and bridal emergency kit might seem like an addition to it. If that’s the case, you can always go for pre-organised kits for brides that are easily available in the market and work well in these emergency situations. If you don’t rely on these kits, then you can ask your bridesmaids or your siblings to prepare one for you. They will be there to keep everything handy and hence are aware of everything.

So, for this post we are sharing all the things you need to have that wedding day emergency kit to keep everything handy and smooth:

  • Health and hygiene section

For this post we are covering the things belong to different segments and the first segment we are discussing is health and hygiene. Amidst all this wedding hub-bub where you have the stress of wedding planning and even have to go through some very late-night celebrations, and your body has to suffer somewhere in between. Headaches, body pain are very common and normal during this period. Therefore the first thing that goes into that wedding emergency kit is the pain relievers. Along with that band-aids are just as they will help in case your bridal shoes are causing blisters or you aren’t comfortable wearing them. Pain reliever spray for instant relief, anti-allergy medicine, antiseptic cream, deodorants and perfumes along with sanitary napkins or tampons are other things that should be the part of this kit.

  • Wardrobe essentials

The second section comprises of things that can be put in wardrobe essentials in case of an emergency. These little things in your emergency kit will be at your rescue if you come across any embarrassing tears or may stumble across loose threads. Safety pins, as you put up with you, even in your day to day life are the first thing that can help you in keeping everything at place. From ill-fitting dresses to undesirable undergarments display, everything can be fitted with safety pins. Little sewing kit along with scissors and adhesive are some other things to put into the wedding day emergency kit. Along with all of these make sure you have an extra pair of flats, innerwear, and towels too.

  • For quick touch-ups

A bride needs to be ready for the picture throughout her wedding. With so many guests taking pictures to the whole deck of photographers capturing poses and candids, everyone around her is capturing her every time. Be it her performing rituals or just hugging her family and friends, there will be many reasons that might obscure the flawlessness of your make up. And the last thing you want is to look bad or anything less than perfect in your wedding pictures. Therefore every bride needs to have a few things that can help her with quick hair and makeup touch-ups. Bobby pins are every bride’s best friend as they can help you in styling your hair and even helps in keeping those strands off your face. They help in hair quick fix as well. Along with it you can carry hair spray and hairbrush and comb with you in the emergency kit. For makeup touch up, you need to have tissues, compact powder, lipstick, eyeliner and mascara along with body lotion. You can even carry nail paint in case of any mishap of chipped nail paint.

  • Mini hunger kit for those little cravings in between

How can you smile for the camera when your stomach is all rumbling of hunger? Many brides go on a strict diet and other many a time overlooks the food in all wedding planning. But don’t forget to have your food at the time. Also, we are talking about Indian weddings here where we have got so many rituals. Even the Indian wedding cards are first offered to God and then sent to guests. So you can literally expect the never-ending wedding rituals in the ceremony. To top of it, there will be hundreds of guests that you have to greet. In this case, many brides face the problems of dizziness, nausea, light-headedness and more. To avoid all of it, make sure you have something by your side every time. Protein bars, nuts, are quick to munch upon and they are high on energy as well. Besides all of it, you have to keep water bottles by your side as well. Hydration is very important not only for the body but to even retain your bridal glow as well.

So, this summons up the post on things you can have for your wedding day emergency kit. When you are putting so much thought and attention over everything – be it your Indian wedding invitations or how the foods are going to be served at your wedding, then a little prepared for any mishaps on the wedding day will only be the cherry on the top. Also, amidst all of these don’t forget the real deal of tying the knot with the love of your life. All the imperfections will later be the memories that you will laugh together at. Enjoy this day to the fullest, it won’t come again.

5 Best Themes For Your Indian Wedding Card

Indian wedding cards

Adding a theme to your card will make it look more customize and give a feeling that this card was made just for you. Theme weddings are everywhere in the trend right now and if you add this with a themed card it will look very nice and thoughtful.

1. Comic:
We were all fans of comics in our childhood and if you want to bring up that vibe again then you should definitely go with the theme. Comics have stolen our hearts in childhood and you can go for one particular comic that was your all-time favorite and play around with that in your card. It will give your card a very 90’s feel which is so amazing to have.

2. Series:
From F.R.I.E.N.D.S. to Game of Thrones to Stranger things everyone is going crazy after series and no doubt that this is the time of Netflix and series. Having a series of themed cards will get you a lot of attention and admiration. You can make our favorite series the theme of your wedding as well and win hearts. This will give a very millennial vibe to your card.

3. Movies:
There are some movies that are our all-time favorites and no other thing can take its place. Having a card that depicts your love for that movie is an amazing idea. We all have one movie which no matter what happens in our life watching that movie will make everything good again. You can choose that movie or you can also go for a movie that has a lot of memories in your life.

4. Sports:
If you are a sports fan then there is no better theme then sports for you. You can select any game that is your favorite and you never miss a single match of it. But make sure that you choose only one game as if you choose more than one you have to very careful otherwise this will make your card look very chaotic and will not give the same vibe. Your card can tell a lot about yourself so don’t waste it and let people know how much you love sports.

5. Profession:
It is a very underrated theme for wedding cards but doesn’t underestimate this as if you use this properly can be the best theme. The profession that you are in need not be very exciting it can be as simple as a teacher and if you choose the right designs it will look amazing. The chances are that you might not have a favorite movie or series or you might not even be a sports fan but you are surely engaged in some profession, make your profession theme of your wedding card. It will give a very aesthetic vibe to your card.

Incorporating these themes in your card will give a whole new different vibe to your card and it will tell a lot about you and your personality and people of every age will definitely appreciate this innovative thought.

5 Unique Elements To Add In Your Indian Wedding Card

Indian wedding cards

Wedding cards are very important as they tell a lot about your wedding and hence require special attention. Most of the people don’t pay so much attention to this but remember that this is as important as any other item on your wedding list. People are finding ways to make their wedding cards unique and below are ways by which you too can add some unique elements.

Indian wedding cards

1. Pop up ventures:

This will make your card looks very interesting and add an amazing element to your card. Adding pop up ventures won’t add a lot in your budget. You can select any design that you want to pop up in your card but remember to choose carefully as this will bring a hell lot of attention to that design. You can bring out your creativity and this will make your wedding card popular and everyone will appreciate your efforts while all you have done is just added a pop-up venture.

2. Select a theme:

This is getting very popular right now as people try to match their wedding theme with their invitation card theme and trust me it looks very thoughtful and nice. Even if you are not having a theme wedding you can select a theme for just your cards but then the theme should showcase your personality and style and trust me your card will be the talk of the town.

3. Mirror surfaces:

Mirror work is in fashion whether it’s for your wedding outfit or wedding cards. You can go for either little mirror work or you can have a complete mirror surface depending on your budget. Mirror surface gives a very classy vibe to your card and is an amazing element to add on.

4. Location maps:

Travelling has won hearts of almost all of us and if you love to travel then this element is made just for you. You can add a map to your card it can either be a world map which basically signifies that you both want to travel the whole world together or you can choose an Indian map or a place which is very close to both of you and this will be very thoughtful and amazing. Adding maps gives a modern vibe to your traditional cards and the card will tell a lot about you to others.

5. Tassels and latkan:

This can bring your boring invitation card to life. All you have to do is add some tassels and latkans to your usual card and this will completely change the look of your card and won’t increase a lot in your budget. A simple card with tassels is an amazing idea as not many think about this but it adds a lot of beauty to your wedding cards.

Add one or two or more such elements according to your budget and choice and trust me this will take your wedding card to the next level and your card will be the talk of the town and many other people will get inspiration from your card.

Some Best Companies For Indian Wedding Cards

Indian wedding cards

Weddings are not less than a festival in Indian culture. It’s the most awaited day of the bride and groom. So, this amazing day requires an amazingly beautiful invitation too. Wedding cards are the outlook on how a couple wants to do their wedding, it tells a lot about a wedding. Wedding card business has increased way too much in India, you can get whatever printed or even digitalized according to your choice.



The wedding card online is the leading card company in the Indian wedding card business. They make extraordinary cards and full fill their client’s desires. They design fabulous traditional as well as religions wedding cards. The wedding card online is established in Jaipur. If you live in the pink city or even in Rajasthan this is the best place to get your wedding card designed from.


Seven promises are one of the leading online companies which also give door to door service. They also offer a variety of wonderful choices for their clients and discount too. Seven promises provide their clients with some high-quality design and amazing looks for the client’s most important days. They are established in Noida but their online service and door to door delivery help them get clients worldwide.


Menaka cards are one of the success full companies in this business. They provide a number of options for their client’s wedding card. Options like UV coating, offset printing, embossing, screen, hot foil stamping and more, this kind of option helps the client to choose whichever they like according to their wedding setting. They are established in Chennai.


Navkar wedding cards are established in Pune and they are a first online store but they only serve in Pune. Their offline business is as good as their online business. They provide their clients with some classic layout and high-level quality cards. They have a lot of happy costumers when it comes to their services and quality of cards.


Indian wedding store has the biggest marketing wedding card business online. They don’t just manufacture wedding cards but also bridal wear collection and wedding accessories. They help the client with their clothes as well as invitations. You can get a lot of things in one place. Indian wedding store gives us all.


Indian wedding card.com makes most breathtaking wedding cards. They make unique and very creative wedding cards. They not only work for wedding cards but also cards for house warming parties or birthdays etc. They let their clients put a personal touch to their invitations by providing customized wedding cards. They also provide which shows royal touch like scroll invitation cards.


King of cards India provides creative and incredibly artful invitation cards. Their collection of unique and well-crafted designs keeps their clients happy and satisfied. They have the lowest rate wedding card which attracts all types of clients. They are established in Bangalore.

Top Wedding Trends To Look For 2019

Indian wedding cards

Bored with going all conventional with the wedding plans that still are a decade old? Well, no worries as we have got your back covered and bought you some really cool wedding trends for 2019. As per the experts, these trends will help you rock your wedding for this year.

Now the traditions are not just the only things that determine everything. Brides are getting more and more playful with their look and are expressing them more freely with the personalized outfits and jewellery. Covering these aspects, we bring you top wedding trends for 2019:

  • Let your mandap be the centre of attraction

Yes, as per the current trends, mandap is very significant when it comes to wedding decor. There are many options that you can go for to decorate the mandap. If you want your wedding to be all trendy, let your mandap do the talking.

  • Hathphool is the favourite accessory for this wedding season

Hathphool is our favorite accessory for this wedding season. Yes, so all the brides-to-be get ready to rock your game with a stunning piece of Hathphool. From beautiful pearl enamelled Hathphool to Hathphool embellished with intricate mirror work, there are a lot of options to choose from. Do the research as you did while selecting the best color and design for your Indian wedding cards.

  • Waterfall earrings is another cool thing

Yes, these beautiful ethnic pieces are again in trend now and you can see many brides pull of their wedding attire with these elegant pieces.

  • Less is no more the “more”

When it comes to wedding jewellery, less is more is not the thing to follow for this year. Yes, you can go all drooled over all the amazing jewellery and even wear it for your big day.

  • Customised outfits

No, we are not talking about tailored outfits that go well with your size. We are talking about adding some really dainty elements to give your bridal look a more personalized touch. For instance, one option which is quite popular is adding some quotes you can relate to in your embroidery work.

  • Crazy wedding themes

Crazy wedding themes are so in and you can totally rock those things with the help of best designers and wedding planners. Moreover, you can incorporate the same theme in your wedding invitations to give your guests a glimpse of all the craziness awaiting.

  • Eco-friendly weddings are so in

Eco-friendly wedding is so trendy and they continue to rock 2019 as well. You can adopt different measures in order to save the environment like ditching paper invitations and choosing a wedding website or E-wedding invitations. If you still want to go old-school with wedding cards, you can use recycled paper for it. Other than that you can use napkins instead of tissue papers, choose recycled things for wedding decor and so much more.

These are some of the wedding trends that will rule 2019. Tell us which of those of you going to implement for your gala event.

What do 7 Pheras Stand for in Indian Wedding?

Sapthapathi Manthras and its meaning

You have got “Phera ceremony” engraved on your wedding invitations. We all know that in Hindu weddings, a couple takes the 7 Pheras and make some promises and ask for blessings from God. But what exactly do these seven pheras signify? Want to know more about it, continue reading.

In the first Phera, the bride takes the lead while the couple seeks blessings from the Lord for pure and nourishing food for a healthy life. It’s the promise which the groom makes as he pledges to provide his family with welfare and happiness. The bride in return promises to be an active and equal part of all the responsibilities and that she fulfil them happily for the welfare of the groom and the family.

In the second Phera, the couple seeks the blessing for physical, mental as well as spiritual well being. It’s the groom that promises to stand by his bride at all the times and protect her. He promises to provide security to their family as well. In response, the wife takes the vow of being the strength to his husband and gives him all her undivided attention along with eternal love.

In the third Phera, the bride and the groom promise to be loyal to each other. They also seek blessing from the lord for a wealthy and prosperous life. The couple then takes the vow of taking care of their children and educate them. The Phera is about how they need to be loyal to each other for life while taking care of their children.

In the fourth Phera, the couple take s the vow of being there for each other through thick and thin. The groom promises the wife to take her and to love her in all her forms, in happiness and in sadness. The bride then swears to stand by the groom and serve and please him to the best of her abilities. The couple vows to take care of each other and other members in their family.

In the fifth Phera, the groom takes the lead while the couple seeks the blessing for healthy progeny. They pray the Lord for noble and strong children. The couple together also prays the almighty for the welfare of every living being in the universe. The couple promise to be the best parents to their children.

In the sixth Phera, the couple prays the almighty for a healthy life free from all sorts of diseases. The groom also feels grateful for his wife as has taken six most substantial steps with him and has filled his heart with absolute bliss. He later asks her to kindly fill his life and heart with immerse happiness for as long as they live. In return, the wife agrees to be with him and to love him through sickness and in health.

In the seventh Phera, the couple seeks the blessings for a lifelong relationship based on the pillars of love, loyalty and understanding for each other. The couple takes the oath of being the best of friends forever and to love each other in all the forms. They vow to be there together not only for this life but for many lives to come.


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