Shraddha Kapoor is now count in the biggest actress of the Bollywood actress. Being a part of celebrity family she gets most of the skills in her genes. Along with her acting she is also a good singer. She get all these qualities from her family members. Along with these she also gets in lime light due to her affairs. Earlier she is dating Actor Farahan Akhtar. But now there is news that she is dating Rohan Shrestha and planning to get married to him.

Rohan Shrestha is a star photographer. The photos by Rohan Shrestha has been appeared in many international platforms. Rohan Shrestha is now a days famous for his affair with the Bollywood actress Shraddha Kapoor and there is a news that they are soon going to tie a node in the year 2020.

According to a report by Bollywood Bubble Shraddha Kapoor’s parents has been asked her to take some serious decision about her future as she is already 32. And after that she discussed the same with her boyfriend Rohan Shrestha and then they decided that they will get married in year 2020. After that both side families have started their preparations for the big day of Shraddha and Rohan that would fall in the year 2020.

There are a lot of news about their wedding and relationship but the couple has never admit that they are dating each other. Even when asked in news conferences when they are asked of dating each other they only says that “They know each other from past 9 years but they are not dating each other , they are only good friends.” In exact statement by Rohan he said “We have been extremely close for the last 9 years, but NO, I am not dating her. I met her at a party and we instantly hit it off. First impressions I definitely thought she was cute, but have only remained best friends ever since.” And also in an interview Shraddha’s father Shakti Kapoor speaks up that “Bullsh*it. There is no truth to it.

Shraddha has no plans of marrying anyone for coming 4-5 years. She has too much on her plate at the moment and is totally focused on her upcoming projects. Her calendar is choc-o-block for the next 2 years. All this is crap.” Along with this Shakti Kapoor also says that in past also, Shraddha’s name is linked with a lot of actors and also that all are rumors , as this is film industry and every other day a actors name is linked with other. And when asked about Rohan and Shraddha relationship he said that “His father, Rakesh (Bollywood’s Ace photographer), is a dear friend of mine. We all are family friends. My daughter tells me everything what is happening in her life. She will never marry without her parents’ consent.” So according to the news in top newspapers and news channels no one from Shraddha and Rohan along with their family accept that they are in relationship and are planning to get married.


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