BJP President Amit Shah’s Son Jay Tied the Knot With Rishita Patel

Weddings are always special, no matter the Bride or Groom is a celebrity, business tycoon, politician, professional, or a common man. The day brings a new life to every wedded couple and everyone wishes to make it perfect in special in all the aspects. Several marriages of popular names are scheduled to be held this year, and one of those was held this Tuesday on 10th February. Jay Shah, son the BJP president Amit Shah tied the knot with his long-time childhood friend Rishita Patel. Both of them got engaged last year on 13 July 2014 and now are happily married on 10th February 2015.

Jay Shah is the only son of newly appointed BJP president Amit Shah and his wife Rishit Patel is the daughter of famous businessman Gunwantbhai Patel, based on Ahmedabad’s Bapunagar. Both of these got engaged on 13th July 2014 at YMCA Club, Ahmedabad, where all the popular BJP leaders were seen giving their blessings. They got married on 10th February 2015 again at the YMCA club on SG Highway in Ahmedabad, Gujrat. Their reception was held in the Karnavati Club on SG Highway of Ahmedabad on 12th February, Wednesday, which was also a great party receiving several big names.

The wedding was scheduled to be celebrated in a very stylish way with lots of high-class celebration, but it went another way. The reason behind this was BJP’s defeat in the Delhi election on the same day, which caused toning down the entire ceremony. Results of Delhi assembly election were also declared on 10th February 2015, where BJP could manage to get 3 seats only out of 70. It put BJP president Amit Shah in a shock, which reflected in his son’s wedding. The ceremony celebration didn’t go the way they expected, but we wish their married life goes according to their expectation with full of love and understanding.

We wish Jay Shah and Rishita Patel Shah a very happy and prosperous married life ahead.

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