Best Bridal Eye Makeup Trends to Follow in 2019

Wedding is the most wonderful and amazing day for everyone and people do lots of preparation like Indian wedding cards, wedding venue, food etc.  As it is said that the eye is the jewel of the body, a bride’s eyes reflect her most sincere emotions on her wedding day. Every bride loves to get the most beautiful eye makeup. A good eye makeup plays a huge role in gathering the attention of the guests. There are different techniques of makeup available nowadays which provide better options to the bride. Here are some trendy eye makeup ideas to follow in 2019:


The Ever Attractive Smokey eyes:

Nothing gets better than the perfect smokey eye makeup. It goes best with nude or neutral makeup. Just put on a dark, intense and exotic smokey eye makeup and you are sure to get compliments. It goes great with silver and gold jewelry and also with heavy-work lehengas.

Dazzling glittery eyes:

You simply cannot go wrong with mesmerizing glittery eyes. Glittery makeup has been, indeed, at the peak for the last few years. If you want to keep a simple base and play a little with your eyeshadows, do add this secret ingredient. It goes perfectly with a nice crease-cut eyeliner and falsies. For subtlety, you can also apply a glittery eyeliner instead of an eyeshadow.

Keep it natural:

The no-makeup makeup look has been receiving a lot of approval from beauticians around the world. Girls these days prefer a more natural or nude look than a heavy one with lots of shades. A nude eye makeup is ideal for daytime weddings. If you want to light it up ever so slightly, you can add a dimension by applying some bronze shade or a brown shade.

The undereye fun:

You might have seen some celebrities or beauticians with a fancy undereye makeup. Actually, it is a cool trend to follow. Everybody just concentrates on the eyelids whereas the undereye can be made just as attractive. For instance, you can pick the eyeshadow or an eyeliner in the color that matches your attire and then you can apply that on the undereye. Not only will it be distinctive and therefore, more striking but it will also add some color to your face.

Play with dimensions:

The idea of a single eyeshadow is a historic thing. Now, makeup artists have come up with a more enchanting technique which is giving your eye makeup some dimensions. It is a simple method of blending a couple of eyeshadows to introduce a depth to your eyelids. You can start by using very light colors near your brow bones, going with darker shades on the lids and finally to a medium shade on the area just before your lashes. You may also highlight the inner and outer corners with the help of different shades.

You should definitely emphasize on your eye makeup for the big day. So, get help through these tips and figure out which one works for you.

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