Beautiful Muslim Wedding Card Having Shimmery Finish Paper with Raised Gold Printing

Wedding, This single word infused lots of happiness and love in everyone’s  life. Wedding cards are the most important part of every wedding. Wedding cards are the most part of every wedding. Muslim weddings are the most royal weddings ever. Muslim wedding cards are famous world widely for its unique traditional design and shimmery finish paper. Muslim wedding cards are in demand at international level. There are many people who wants to getting married from Muslim tradition.

Wedding is a precious moment in everyone’s life and it is essential to be with close relatives and family members at this moment. Invitation card is the way to request for their kind presence. This card carries the message of happiness and you can tell about that precious moment by it. Invitations are also important since invitees will guess about grandeur of marriage by these. Therefore invitations are also helpful in making nuptial special. Although there are different varieties of these invitations available in the market, Indian wedding card is always being one of the most favorite choices among them.
Indian wedding card also provides you a lot of options to choose from. Since people of different religions live in India, this card is also available according to different religions. Muslim wedding card is one of the most purchased products among these variants. Wedding cards relevant to religion have matching symbols and motifs. Such cards reflect traditions and culture of a particular religion. Indian wedding cards manufacturer provide such cards with die cut patterns, abstract and matte floral finish, texture and embossed prototype, and other many styles. Among these styles, Muslim wedding cards made of shimmery finish paper with raised gold color printing is gaining popularity these days.


This Muslim wedding card comes with one envelope, one main card, and two inserts. Envelope has purple colored shimmery finish paper with raised gold color printing. Main card has same color and paper with printing in gold color. There are matching inserts available with this card. If you are on tight schedule and cannot go at shop, you can buy this Muslim wedding card online. You can also customize this card in aspect of symbols, motifs, paper color and design. This card is also ideal for sending through post because it comes in 7.00”X7.00” dimensions. You can also purchase extra inserts, matching Thank You and RSVP cards with it.


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