5 Popular Indian Wedding Trends

What’s trending? That’s the first question many people ask while planning their wedding. from the designs of Indian wedding cards to the color of the bridal outfit, everything needs to be in sync with trends. So for this post, we thought of sharing some of the most popular wedding trends :

  • Pre-wedding photoshoots

While they are primarily very popular in foreign countries, they have gained fame in India as well. You can see many couples incorporating them in their weddings as well and give us some serious “COUPLE GOALS”. From the mood that is so casual, the photos can be quite intimate as well. You can choose any mood and get your pictures clicked. It can be according to the theme as well.

  • Flowers… flowers… everywhere

Metals, woods, inorganic things, they don’t go along with the wedding mood now. Probably that’s the reason that you can’t see these things nowadays in Indian weddings. One of the popular trends is to bring the flairs of nature at the wedding and when talking about nature what could be better than little blooming bundles-FLOWERS. With floral arches, statues, floral chandeliers, decorated trees, people are including so many different naturalistic things all together in their Indian weddings.

  • Elaborate wedding cards

While many couples are preferring to go with the modern digital Indian wedding invitations or wedding websites, there are others who are going with traditional Indian wedding cards. the only difference is they have tweaked it a lot. Because now the cards constitute amazing gifts as well, apart from trending designs. From hand made chocolate to gourmet cheese, from little-potted decor plants to coated dry fruits, you can see a lot of variants in wedding gifts. Not only that people are including different things with utility with their wedding cards as well. Bookmarks, journals, scented candles are some of the top choices to accompany Indian wedding invitations.

  • Bridal entries

If talking about making entries, then why settle for anything less than splendor and full pomp. For this once in the lifetime event, brides are pretty serious about making their entry. While some prefer to make a dramatic entrance while riding Royal Enfield, some go with a bit chunky and quirky rickshaw. Some of the brides prefer full palanquin while some make their entries dancing on their beats with the whole squad. There is no need to all tethered by rituals and traditions, it’s your day to make the best of every moment.

  • Destination Weddings

It is quite a trend that has dominated the wedding industry for so long. The conventional mandaps, private halls for the wedding are too mainstream and all that people are looking forward too is nothing like that. The country India is full of so many landscapes that give the couples the best place to tie the knot. From natural to artificial, these places are complete delights. Beaches, resorts, forts, palaces, there are so many things that people can easily choose to begin this new journey.

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